I put my pair of Doc Martins on Facebook Marketplace and was shocked by the disgusting and creepy messages that flooded my inbox

A young woman has been left in shock after receiving creepy responses to her recent Facebook marketplace listing from strangers.

Cheyenne Skye, from Melbourne put a pair of black Doc Martins on the platform, hoping to earn $200 for a nose job.

But the responses she received were not what she expected.

She even had the chance to earn $200 without having to part with the shoes.

“It turns out you can sell your shoes on Marktplaats without actually selling them and still make money,” she said on TikTok.

Cheyenne Skye, from Melbourne, posted a pair of black Doc Martins on the platform, hoping to score $200 for a nose job

“This person messaged me saying, ‘Hey, this might sound a little strange, but if I paid you $50 on the spot, could you meet me at a park or something and let me take the soles off the boots? to lick? Totally weird, but I will actually pay you for it,” she said.

When she didn’t respond, he upped the offer to $100.

And he wasn’t the only one who liked to lick the shoes.

“Exhibit two: ‘It may be a little strange, but can I lick your boots while you wear them?'” she said.

She added that one of the men asked her to dirty the shoes and offered to pay her more per lick.

She thought this was hilarious because she had done her best to clear them up before posting the ad online.

She then asked if she should consider the lucrative offers and people appeared on board and urged her to “do it, but be safe.”

“$50??!! At least $200 for the traumatic experience,” one woman wrote.

“This is way too specific to receive two random messages about it. Be safe,” said another.

Others shared similar stories.

“I had a man offer me $150 for shoes I was selling for $15, but he wanted them to be worn better,” one woman said.

“I literally got the exact first message when I sold documents, like two years ago. Good to see he’s still at it,” one woman wrote.

“I’m a straight guy, with a partner and a kid selling work boots, a guy offered me $100 to put a pair of my underwear in them,” one man said.

Another woman previously made headlines after she tried to sell pants on the platform but was contacted by a man with a zipper fetish.