I got training tips from an AI fitness coach and it feels like the future of athletic performance technology

Standing in the corner of a packed conference center in Barcelona, ​​I probably looked a little unusual. As other smartly dressed MWC 2024 attendees shuffled past me, otherwise chatting amiably, hiding in their phones, or ogling the latest technology, I got at least a few strange looks. That was because I was sprinting on the spot and sprinting hard, trying to pull my knees higher each time, despite the fact that I was dressed in jeans and flat-soled vans.

In front of me was a camera, linked to a mirror-length smart display that guided me through a few simple training exercises. I had to run on the spot, jump back and forth and perform a single squat jump. There was also an Xbox Kinect-style cognitive reaction game, played on the smart display’s touchscreen.