I caught my neighbour putting seafood scraps in my empty bin – what happened next shocked me

A man was left furious after discovering his neighbor dumping kilos of prawn shells and food scraps into his bin straight after collection day.

The Queensland man was enjoying a family lunch at Christmas when his security cameras spotted someone snooping around his veranda.

“It was one of my neighbors throwing bags of trash into my already emptied trash bin on the side of the road,” he revealed on Reddit.

'The bins were emptied at 5.30am – I got home [at midday] to feed the cat and was pissed off about what I had seen so I took his waste out of the trash. It stunk!'

Australians have previously struggled with properly disposing of seafood after another family was confronted with prawns left in their letterbox.

A man was furious after discovering his neighbor dumping pounds of shrimp shells and food scraps into his trash bin just after collection day

The man continued, “I buzzed his unit over the intercom and let him know his trash was downstairs and to use his own trash can instead of mine. Wad received a response of 'righto'.

“It annoyed me that someone would make ad**khead move like that. We haven't had any problems before, just greetings. I'm not going to bring it up, he knows he was wrong. Should I have just let it slide though? You know, Christmas and stuff?'

The man also said he was worried about his neighbor going “psycho” because he decided to push back.

'It's my only concern, but I think about it too much. If he was going to do something, he knows he's on camera now. I have no problem confronting him, but I'd rather we just continue with the limited interaction we've been having.”

Many were shocked by the lack of proper etiquette.

'I put my shrimp scraps in the freezer and didn't put them in the bin until the night I picked them up. Otherwise it stinks to high heaven, even in winter. Your neighbor is a savage!' wrote one woman.

'Yes, if the bins were still full, that wouldn't be a problem. Shrimp in an empty tank is a sh*t-go in the summer,” said another.

While someone experienced a particularly unfortunate event while living in an apartment building.

'We live in an apartment building and no matter how many signs the building manager puts up at Christmas telling people to keep their prawn shells in the freezer until collection day, many still throw them down the rubbish chute.

'The whole building stinks terribly. At least it doesn't come into our apartment, but the common areas all smell so bad and the foyer by the dumpster is unbearable.

'Then there was a genius on one of the high floors who threw a large glass jar of expired fish oil down the gutter and broke the bottle. The whole building smelled like rotten fish for a week. People are feral!'