I can’t believe the new Roomba robot vacuum has a great Black Friday deal

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner this Black Friday, you’re in luck, because Amazon has deals on the latest and greatest Roomba j9+ from iRobot. This self-emptying smart vacuum cleaner is currently $300 offand you can save $400 on the Combo j9+ with a mop.

We recently tested the new smart vacuum cleaner (look out for our review in the coming weeks) and we’re impressed with its cleaning capabilities. It can cleverly tell the difference between obstacles it needs to get around and the piles of dirt it needs to pick up, it can detect which rooms tend to get messiest and clean those up first, and it can scrub tough stains to keep your hard floors looking cleaner to show. Best of all, with the self-emptying dock, you only need to empty the vacuum about every two months.