I am a substitute teacher and I couldn’t believe the names of my identical twin students.


I am a substitute teacher and I couldn’t believe the names of my identical twin students. People say it’s cute, but I think it’s ridiculous.

A substitute teacher was stunned after learning the nearly identical names given to twin sisters in her class.

Earlier this week, the anonymous professor, from the US, posted on Reddit’s Name Nerds forum.

Having recently started teaching school, they explained how they had come across identical twin girls named Selene and Selina.

After learning of the sisters’ similar nicknames, the teacher joked that it was an offense worth reporting their parents for.

The anonymous teacher, from the US, could not believe that his twin students had been given variations of the same name. (stock photo)

They added: ‘Please talk me out of calling CPS [Child Protective Services].’

Although the teacher argued that it was ‘ridiculous’ to give two sisters such similar names, people in the comments said that it was quite common to follow a theme with siblings and that it was ‘cute’ in some cases.

One replied: ‘My husband went to school with twins named Chris and Christopher.’

Another added: “My dad knows twins his age named Rick/Ricky and Richard.”

The discussion led to others sharing the worst sibling names they had come across on the Reddit Name Nerds forum.

Shedding light on some of the problems it can create, a third said: ‘My best friend is an identical twin, with the same first name, different middle names with the same initial and obviously the same last name.

‘They are used by their middle name, but it has caused HELL in the document, their documents/accounts are regularly merged.’

Meanwhile, a fourth said: ‘I know twins with the same name, same spelling, no joke. Both Leonardo. He loved the name and had chosen it and had SURPRISE twins…just rolled with the same name yet.

‘Different middle names and luckily the middle one at least goes by the middle name, but what. Logistical nightmare. She’s the loveliest and best neighbor, but that twins part of hers (already older than hers) is a head scratcher for sure…’

What’s more, others asserted that it was important for the twins to have their own identity beyond their sibling, with a fifth writing: “As a twin mother, names like these bite my teeth.”

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