Hunter Schafer’s unusual Switch habits are sparking debate on social media

Hunter Schafer is an actor from Euphoria And The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakesand she is also a model. A recent shoot for Vogue Magazine features Schafer in a variety of gorgeous outfits, but one accessory in general has captured the collective attention of gamers everywhere: the Nintendo Switch. In one photo, Schafer is depicted lying on the floor, resting between her couch and a coffee table, held up by a cherub. She stares into the distance with a Switch in her hands.

This raised immediate questions among concerned citizens. The Switch is in portable mode; she has to watch it to enjoy gaming. Is it possible that Schafer was thinking of the Wii U? What could lead to such an apparent mistake?

Some gamers quickly came to Schafer’s defense, pointing out that they play the same way. Who among us hasn’t ended up on the couch, watching TV while playing the Switch, and ended up falling to the floor while in the middle of a gamer fugue?

Other fans were simply excited to see Schafer participate in gaming at all. Some suggested she could play Princess Zelda in an upcoming project. It wouldn’t be completely unprecedented; Schafer has been confirmed to be present O.Dan upcoming horror game from Hideo Kojima.

Personally, I find Schafer’s playing attitude completely authentic. I’ve found myself in all kinds of awkward positions while playing the Switch, and I’ve certainly been in similar situations. Sometimes you are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and listening to a video essay, only looking up when the story indicates there is an important image.

Alternatively, Schafer may be using the pro-gamer move of looking away from the Switch during a long loading screen. I’ve definitely employed a similar tactic so I don’t have to see my own face, which is unflatteringly reflected in the Switch’s black screen. Whatever the case, I hope we see more gaming-themed props in Vogue shoots in the future. I feel like there are a lot of possibilities, and the reaction to Schafer’s shoot shows that gamers are invested in the role of a console in the high fashion industry.