How will VR technology impact your business operations?

Last month saw the exciting launch of Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset. It was an important milestone for the industry for several reasons. Firstly, the device has made some significant technological advances that have improved functionality and comfort for users. Next, the price – just under $500 – is a serious amount of bang for your buck. For those of us working in the VR industry, it feels like Quest 3 and the upcoming Apple VisionPro can boost investment and attention to the industry and bring us that much closer to a point of mass adoption. And the Mixed Reality headsets should remove the point of friction for some users, make them feel comfortable and safe, and open up so many use cases for creators.

This is because new, affordable and advanced VR devices are only one piece of the puzzle. One of the issues that has held back the VR/AR industry is the lack of platform providers and tools that make developing virtual experiences accessible and cost-effective. Thanks in no small part to the influx of funding and interest thanks to Meta going all-in on VR, a vibrant ecosystem has been created that has developed a range of solutions to solve these problems.