How to Unlock the Golden Saucer in FFXIV

The Manderville gold dish is home to many mini-games and fun rewards Final fantasy 14and you can unlock it quite early in your adventure in Eorzea.

There’s a lot to do in the Gold Saucer, between racing chocobos, participating in fashion shows, and dodging the smelly and powerful breath of a Typhon in a mini-game. Below we explain where you can start the side mission that unlocks the Golden Saucer FFXIVas well as some things you can do there.

How to Unlock the Golden Saucer in FFXIV

To unlock the Golden Saucer you must be able to travel outside your original city, which will be unlocked once you complete the main scenario quest”The Gridanian/Ul’dahn/Lominsan envoy” (depending on where you started) at level 15. Once you’ve done that, you can use the Affluent youth NPC in Ul’dah, Steps of Nald, at the location below:

Image: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Square Enix

It’s just outside the entrance to Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Once you’ve completed this quest and attuned to the Aetheryte in the Golden Saucer, you can teleport there whenever you want.

What to do in the FFXIV Golden Saucer

The Gold Saucer is home to many mini-games that reward specific currencies Manderville gold dish points (MGP). With MGP you can purchase special mounts, minions, outfit pieces, orchestrations, furniture items, and weapon glamor – the list goes on. That said, a visit to the Gold Saucer is a great way to pass the time and buy some sweet things.

If you visit the Golden Saucer, you’ll want to pay attention to it for a limited time Golden Saucer Active Time Events (GATEs) to earn MGP quickly. These mini-games involve guessing where a boss enemy might attack and doing your best to avoid them, or perhaps it’s a jumping puzzle on the Leap of Faith maps.

A daily and weekly lottery system is also mentioned Cactus pot. You can play the Mini Cactpot every day at the Entrance Square and at the Event Square you can choose numbers for the weekly Cactpot.

There is also Triple Triadthe card-based mini-game of Final fantasy 8, which you can play with various NPCs in the square. Specifically, you can sell your extra Triple Triad cards for more MGP in the Card Square.

The most lucrative of all games is Fashion Report, which can net you up to 60,000 MGP per week just for equipping certain armor pieces. Dedicated fashionista Kaiyoko Star posts the simplest solutions every weekso you can get that MGP.

But those are just the things that earn you coins. There are plenty of other mini-games, such as chocobo racing and Doman Mahjong. (FFXIV‘s Mahjong is a very good online version of the tile game. Honestly, it’s one of the best ways to play mahjong online.)