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How to permanently unlock Destiny 2’s new hoverboard vehicle

The Foamer is a new kind of vehicle type Lot 2 which you can use instead of your trusty Mus. It’s essentially a hoverboard that you can ride across the entire galaxy. However, there is a catch: the first Skimmer, the Allstar vectoris exclusive to the Guardian games 2024 event, which runs from March 5 to 26. Luckily, there’s a way to permanently unlock the Allstar Vector so you can keep hoverboarding for once The final shape Expansion declines in June.

In this Lot 2 guide, we will teach you how to unlock the exotic version of the Allstar Vector, which you can use forever.

How to pick up the Allstar Vector Skimmer Lot 2

Image: Bungie via Polygoon

Before you can receive the permanent, exotic version of the Allstar Vector, you must first unlock the regular version. To do that, fill in the “Best in class” tutorial quest for Guardian Games. You can pick it up at Eva in the Tower and you’ll be asked to put on your special class item, do a quick Guardian Games activity, and talk to some people.

Once you’ve completed ‘Best in Class’, continue with Eva’s new quest: ‘Invade.” Once you receive ‘Drop In’ you will receive the global version of the Allstar Vector Skimmer. The big difference between the Common Allstar Vector and the Exotic is that the Common warns him expires at the end of Guardian Games.

Now that you have the non-exotic skimmer, the clock is ticking to complete ‘Drop In’ and unlock the permanent version.

How to permanently unlock the Allstar Vector in Lot 2

A Guardian picks up Eva Levante's Drop In mission in Destiny 2

Image: Bungie via Polygoon

Once you get the ‘Drop In’ mission from Eva, it’s time to get started. This quest rewards the Exotic skimmer and it has only one step. Please note that the time you spend on this quest will vary greatly depending on your skill level and your ability to play the game at certain times.

There are three objectives to complete before ‘Drop In’, but you only need to fill in one of them to complete the quest. These are your options:

  • Earn a medallion score of 1,200
  • Earn a top score of 10% in Nightfall challenges
  • Open 3 Focus Activity winner packs

However you complete ‘Drop In’, the Skimmer will automatically appear in your inventory once it is complete. And that’s it. Once you get the Exotic, you get the Allstar Vector for life.

Medallion score

Let’s start with the simplest and longest: Medallion Score. To get 1,200 medallion score is time-consuming in Guardian Games, as you have to spend a lot of time earning and dumping medals on the podium. Bronze medals are worth one point, silver medals are worth two points, gold medals are worth five points and platinum medals are worth 15 points.

If you earn a lot Platinum Medals, you’ll be done with this pretty quickly, but if you’re a more casual player who mainly takes home bronze and silver medals, it’s going to be a bit of a grind. But this is a guaranteed way for anyone to get the Skimmer, as long as you’re willing to put in the time.

Top 10% Nightfall score

The fastest way to get the Skimmer by far, achieve a top score of 10% in Nightfall challenges. (I was able to unlock the Skimmer with this method on my first Nightfall run of the week.) But to do this you need two things: endgame PvE skills And endgame PvE friends to fill out your Fireteam. If you have both, this is a very quick way to get the Skimmer.

If you keep banging your head against the Nightfall and can’t get the score you want, it might be best to try one of the other two methods. A quick tip for this is if you can complete the Nightfall ash close to the weekly reset (Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET) is possible, you have a much higher chance of a high score.

Open Focus Activity Chests

Finally, there are the new ones Focus Activity Packages. Basically every few hours a new Guardian Games playlist becomes the “Focus Activity” for two hours during the week and three hours on the weekend. As you participate in the Focus Activity, you’ll earn bonus chests based on how you do, from bronze to gold. You can get these chests just by spending time in the Targeted Activity, so this is a great way to get the Skimmer. However, you have to be online at the right time to make this happen, so depending on your schedule this could be a tough sell.

Are there any other Skimmers in Destiny 2?

The Winged Wolf Eververse-only exotic skimmer in Destiny 2

Image: Bungie via Polygoon

Yes! Bungie launched two skimmers on March 5, alongside Guardian Games 2024. However, only one of them (the Allstar Vector) is free. The other Skimmer is exclusive to the Eververse storeand it’s called the Winged Wolf.

The Winged Wolf is part of a gear set called the Gjallarheart Gear, based on the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. There is a new armor set for each of the three classes, each costing 1,500 silver. Then there’s a Gjallarhorn-like ornament for the Thunderlord Exotic worth 700 Silver. And finally there is the Gjallarheart Gear Bundle, which is 2,500 silver and seems to be the only way to get the Winged Wolf. In addition to the exclusive Eververse Skimmer, it also comes with a Ghost, Ship and Shader, all based on Gjallarhorn.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy 2,500 silver, so you’ll have to buy 3,000 silver instead. This will guide you $29.99 and it comes with 300 bonus silver for a total of 3,300.

It’s unclear how long this Gjallarhorn bundle will be in stores and whether the Winged Wolf will be available for purchase after the end of Guardian Games 2024.