How to get all endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

There are four distinct Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom purposes, and to achieve each of them you must make crucial decisions. At some point in the story, you will have to make a choice. We’ve explained the options for you here and how to achieve them as spoiler-free as possible, followed by a full description of what exactly happens in each path.

Phantom Freedom also includes a completely new ending to the main story, which does not involve Hanako or “Nocturne Op55n1” (the main ending before this expansion). If you want to make sure you achieve this, be sure to follow our steps.

How to Unlock Every Ending in Phantom Liberty

If you want to understand the important choices without spoiler, this section of the guide is for you. We’ll let you decide which options are good and bad, depending on the type of person your V is.

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The first and most important decision comes when you reach the tenth Phantom Freedom assignment, “Fire starter.” During this mission you will encounter Songbird, and it will just be the two of you. The story is divided here, depending on which of the following two options you choose:

  • Help Songbird escape: “I’m with you.”
  • Help Reed capture Songbird: “One more second…”

Choosing the first leads to “The Killing Moon”, and that’s when very long mission of which you will have two endings at your disposal. Here are the dialog options:

  • Pick up Songbird: “It’s time to go, So Mi.” or “Wake up.”
  • Call Reed: “Reed will take care of you. »

It’s important to note that if you choose the former, you’ll have one more opportunity to hand Songbird to Reed before being locked into the ending.

If during “Firestarter” you choose the option to help Salomon Reed capture Songbird, your game’s ending changes dramatically. First, the next mission will be called “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos”, but the big decision won’t come until the next mission, “Somewhat Damaged”. You will have the following dialog options:

  • Kill So Mi: “Good. »
  • Spare So Mi: “I won’t.” or “So Mi, I need help from the FIA. So I need you alive.

If you want to make sure you unlock the new ending for the full game, you need to make sure you choose to either hand Songbird over to Reed if you helped her escape during “Firestarter”, or spare her life if you helped Reed capture her.

Now that you know the crucial decisions you have to make, keep reading if you want to know more about the different endings and how it all plays out.

(Ed. note: The rest of this guide includes spoilers for the endings of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom.)

‘Fire Starter’ Explained

V aims a gun at a green diagram in a red room during the Firestarter mission in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

So far, the whole Phantom Freedom The story was about saving Songbird from Kurt Hansen’s grip. During “Firestarter”, you finally have the chance to free her. Reed and Alex want you to help them capture her and bring her back to the FIA ​​- and they’re the two you’ve been working with this whole time – but Songbird wants you to help her escape. everyonenot just Kurt Hansen.

Choosing to help Songbird escape will result in hell as you fight your way out of the stadium concourse. Your next task will be to get Songbird and yourself to the spaceport terminal that can take you both to the moon, because that’s where she promises the cure is.

If you help Reed capture Songbird, she manages to escape your grasp and you both must work to get her back, first by ambushing a MaxTac convoy, then finding her hiding place where she hangs on the black wall .

Below you’ll find all four endings explained in full, with endings one and two being available if you side with Songbird, and endings three and four being options if you’re siding with Reed. If you want to get the bonus ending for the main game, you need to make sure you choose either ending two or ending four. In other words, don’t kill Reed or Songbird when you have the chance.

Ending #1 – Reed dies

Solomon Reed stands on a bridge in the rain during one of the endings of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

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As you arrive at the spaceport terminal, Songbird reveals that she has been lying to you this whole time as well. There is only enough cure for one person and she intends to take it all for herself. She explains that she lied because she needed to be sure you would help her. Songbird apologizes and Johnny Silverhand has his say as always, but it’s at this point you can either pick up Songbird and take her on the shuttle to the moon, or you can calls Reed to deliver it to him.

If you choose the first option, Reed will exit the shuttle before you board, giving you one last chance to change your mind. If you refuse, you have to kill Reed – not a difficult fight, considering he died from a gunshot to the head in my playthrough – but a difficult trigger to pull all the same. But for your trouble, you get Reed’s iconic gun, Pariahwhich fires three shots for every charged shot.

Songbird flies to the moon while you and Johnny sit and watch, and that’s it. You don’t unlock the main game’s extra ending this way, which involves finding a cure, and there are no specific post-credits scenes as the only way to complete the game now is via “Nocturne Op55n1 “, the original ending quest. .

Ending #2 – Abandon Songbird

Songbird sits at a desk in a dark room during one of the endings of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

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If you’re outraged enough by Songbird’s lie to deliver her to Reed, this opens up three new missions, provided you choose the dialogue option to make a deal with Reed that V would receive a cure instead. Carry her to the shuttle, then Reed will pick her up and leave in a flying car with other IAF soldiers.

A few days later, Reed contacts you to ask you to meet him at a gas station during the short mission “Through Pain To Heaven”. A brief conversation ensues, during which Reed explains that he is driving to Washington and wonders why Songbird contacted you in the first place rather than him. Before leaving, Reed explains that he will contact you soon for a cure. This is for the Phantom Freedom ending – keep reading to learn about the bonus ending for the main game, which Reed arranges in this case.

Ending #3 – Songbird dies

When you find Songbird during “Somewhat Damaged”, you can accept her request to die on her own terms, or save her until Reed appears. If you kill her, you will disconnect her from the black wall and she will apologize before moving on. You and Reed take her to President Myers during the “Leave In Silence” mission, but during the trip, Reed is angry at himself for not being the one to save Songbird, instead of killing her like you did. have done.

Myers regrets choosing you for this position, since Songbird is dead and, therefore, she refuses to help you find a cure. This means that to ensure the bonus ends, you must not let Reed or Songbird die.

Ending #4 – Songbird Lives

If you refuse to kill Songbird and wait for Reed to arrive, you will retrieve Songbird much as if you had killed her, before also taking her to President Myers. When you arrive at your destination, the President will be waiting for you, while Songbird will be carried away on a stretcher.

If you decide to take the oath near the beginning of Phantom Freedom during the mission “Lucretia My Reflection”, Myers will refer to it and give you a medal. If you have not done so, the medal will still be offered to you, but you can refuse it. From here, Myers and Reed will both refer to the cure for you, which will also lead to the end of the bonus for the main game.

It should be noted that the four Phantom Freedom the endings end with a conversation with Johnny about what happened. If you helped Songbird escape in “Firestarter”, this conversation will take place on the side of a road somewhere in Night City, while if you helped Reed capture her, it will take place in your apartment in Megabuilding H10 .

End of bonus – V’s cure

Solomon Reed stands next to V in a hospital bed during the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty bonus ending.

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

If you managed to keep Reed and Songbird alive, And If you got a cure from the FIA, Reed will eventually contact you for the “Who Wants to Live Forever” mission. You are escorted to Langley, with the promise of surgery that should only take a few months at best, but you are warned that carrying it out will mean losing Johnny forever.

When you come back after surgery, Reed is there to greet you with some bombs. The first is that the operation was successful – the relic is no longer a death warrant – but all your combat implants are now useless.

Solomon Reed sits in a Langely hospital room in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

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It’s also been two years since you landed in Langley, instead of the month or two originally promised. You spent all this time in a coma, until 2079. You can call old friends, but almost everyone has moved on: Judy moved to Pittsburgh and is married, Panama was so hurt by your disappearance that she doesn’t want to talk to you, Kerry is on a European tour with his band, and River went through some dark times because he had to become a dirty cop to make money. Only Victor is still in Night City, and it is to his clinic that you will return for the last part of the game.

Viktor plays with a computer in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

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Upon arriving in Night City and being driven to Viktor’s house by Delamain, the sentient autonomous taxi of Cyberpunk 2077, you discover that Misty’s Esoterica no longer exists, as it has been taken over by Zetatech. Viktor’s lab is still in the basement, albeit with a new coat of paint thanks to the company buyout. Viktor is initially convinced that he can repair you and restore your combat implants, but upon closer inspection, this is not the case.

You leave as soon as one of Viktor’s clients arrives, and as they return to Delamain, a guy named Terry attacks you, believing you have a lot of money as you enter the Zetatech building. Of course, he doesn’t – so he punches you in the face, sending you tumbling down the stairs. When you arrive, Misty is there and the game ends with a long conversation surrounding everything that happened and what the future holds. She reveals that she’s heading to Poland because she needs to leave Night City, then in the very last cutscene, Misty gets into a car and you walk through the crowd to become just another resident of Night City.