How to get a house in FFXIV

Housing in Final fantasy 14 is a much-discussed topic, and although it used to be very difficult to get a housing plot, now it is all a matter of chance.

If you want to invest in digital real estate, there are many things to consider, and we are here to make that easier for you. Below you will find all the basics of purchasing a house FFXIVincluding everything you need to know before investing in a home.

But before you even bother, take note that free trial players cannot buy a house.

Below we explain how you can get an apartment and house FFXIV.

How housing works in FFXIV

There was once a time when housing consisted of invisible timers and camping out at signs, clicking for hours hoping to rob a lot, but this is no longer the case. Now if you want a house lot, you have to enter a lottery system. If you win the lottery, you get to decorate your own house! (More on that below.)

Houses offer a handful of benefits, but you don’t need one to play FFXIV. In a house you can have a personalized chocolate barn in your garden to paint or strengthen your bird, grow rare crops in a gardenand even set up Vendor NPCs to sell you basic goods straight from your own home.

There are five residential areas where you can buy property:

  • The lavender beds (Gridania)
  • Mist (Limsa Lominsa)
  • The Cup (Ul’dah)
  • Shirogane (Kugane)
  • Empyreum (Ishgard).

Each neighborhood has a different visual aesthetic, so you should explore all the areas to see which one you like best. For example, if you want to stay in a neighborhood full of greenery, The Lavender Beds is probably your ideal place. However, if you want an icy winter atmosphere, you should visit the Empyreum.

Image: Square Enix

Each district has thirty departments, which are in fact just different examples of each other. Each district looks the same, but it just gives players more plots to try to buy. Each district has 60 residential lots of different sizes. To save you from the math, this means there are 9,000 plots per server for you to try and score.

You can also share ownership of your personal home with your friends so they can also use your stable, decorate the house or easily teleport there.

What you need to know before buying a house in FFXIV

Before you buy a house FFXIVyou should know that costs millions of guilders for plots of even the smallest size. You should know that too your house will be automatically demolished if you (or your Free Company, if it is an FC house) do not enter it once every 45 days. If you plan to take a longer break FFXIV, you may lose your home. If you’re okay with having a smaller space to furnish, an apartment may be better suited to your needs.

It is important to take a look at it too what size house you want. Small, medium and large houses generally all have different home layouts, and it’s probably worth stumbling across a few strangers’ houses to see what it’s like. Small houses have only two floors, medium-sized houses have three and large houses have three very extensive floors. Apartments and houses of different sizes also have different furniture limits. Apartments can only hold 100 items, small houses can hold 200 items, medium houses can hold 300 items, and large houses can hold 400 items.

Know that there are many small plots to get, but medium and large plots are less common and therefore more competitive when the lottery opens for one plot.

How to get an apartment in FFXIV

To get an apartment you must have reached at least one second lieutenant rank in your Big Company. Your apartment costs you too 500,000 guilders. Once you know which residential area you want your apartment in, you can enter the apartment building and talk to the Apartment Caretaker NPC to purchase your apartment.

The Apartment Caretaker NPC in Shirogane in FFXIV, with an egg-shaped backdrop surrounding it

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Unlike houses, there are a tons number of apartment rooms available. Even though you may not find one available in the first few departments of your server, you should be able to find one to purchase fairly quickly.

As with apartments, if you are part of a free company that owns a house, you can buy a room or “private rooms” for 300,000 gil by going to the back of the house and clicking on the glowing entrance to the private rooms. These are functionally the same as an apartment, although you cannot access a chocobo stable unless your FC has placed one outside the house.

Apartments and private rooms are not subject to automatic demolition, and you cannot have co-ownership of them.

How to get a house in FFXIV

Individual buyers will at least have to be level 50 and at least achieved second lieutenant rank in your Big Company.

FCs must be present rank six or higher of four or more members. If you buy a house for your FC, you will also need the housing permit and you must be a member of the FC for at least 30 days.

You also need Gil to buy a plot of land. Small plots range from 3 to 4 million gil, medium plots for 16 to 20 million gil, and large plots for 40 to 50 million gil.

Once you have all that in place, you’re ready to try buying a house!

All houses are located on one lottery system, and some neighborhoods specify what types of homes you can buy. You can check this information by talking to the NPC who takes you to the residential areas and looking at the emblems at the top. The multiple dots indicate that the section is for Free Companies and the single person indicates that it is for individual buyers. Neighborhoods can also be set up to offer both FC Houses and Individual Houses, using an emblem that is a combination of the two:

A list of housing departments in FFXIV with the names blurred

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

From there you can put your hat in the lottery one lot per lottery period. You can do this by interacting with the placard of the plot of land you want during the registration period for the lottery. You’ll need that pay the gil in advance as a deposit.

After the registration period is over, the results period begins. Return to the plot board to get your gil back if you didn’t win, or to complete your purchase if you did win!

If you win a lot and do not claim it during the entry period, you will lose the lot and it will go back to the lottery pool. You also lose 50% of your deposit.

After you actually win your plot, you have 45 days to purchase a plot housing permit from one of the salespeople in the residential departments. If you do not do this within 45 days, you will lose your plot. It costs 450,000 gil for a small plot, 1 million gil for a medium plot, and 3 million gil for a large plot.

Once you do this and put your house on your lot, you are a homeowner! Hurrah! You can decorate your home with furniture by selecting the ‘housing’ option from the social menu and really go crazy. If you can’t own a house in real life, at least you can own one in a video game!