How To Do Harley Quinn Hairstyles for Halloween? Black Girls’ Guide

Halloween is a time to bring out your inner creativity and be anything you want to be! From superheroes to notorious villains, there are no limits. One villain that always stands out amongst the crowd is the beloved Harley Quinn from DC Universe. This mischievous character is geared with a quirky personality, eye-catching makeup, and a unique, distinctive hairstyle. Whether you rock a classic Harley Quinn wig or recreate her signature pigtails, this guide provides ideas for black girls trying to revamp their look for the most bewitching night. This comprehensive guide will uncover the secrets to achieving the captivating Harley Quinn hairstyle, ensuring you exude an even fiercer aura on All Hallows Eve. So, let’s dive into this precious style transformation and get ready to take charge like no other villain can!

Why Are Harley Quinn Hairstyles the Ideal Source Of Inspiration For Black Girls?

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Feeling excluded when trying to dress up as a popular character seems to be par for the course for black girls. However, this cycle was broken, with the iconic Hairstyles of Harley Quinn showing how essential diversity is in the fashion world. Her signature look is anything but complicated—any hair type or texture can execute them with ease. This Halloween, it’s time for black girls to let their innermost Harley Quinn out and confidently rock these hairstyles. Here are some reasons why looking at this iconic character for ideas is a great option for black girls: 

Diversity and Inclusivity that Transcends Race:

The inspiring character of Harley Quinn has captivated all kinds of fans, regardless of race or hair type. Her playful and unpredictable nature speaks to many across all walks of life and shatters barriers around inclusiveness portrayed in popular culture. Black girls, in particular, feel overwhelmed with delight that diversity has been represented in such a whimsical yet memorable way. Not bound by hairstyles or skin color, there are plenty of ways to put a personal spin on taking inspiration from her character and never feeling limited in their creative pursuits.

Gain Confidence with Bold and Unique Hairstyles:

Harley Quinn’s hairstyles provide black girls with powerful opportunities to express themselves. Symbolizing strength, boldness, and confidence, they can act as inspiration for overcoming traditional beauty standards and expressing oneself confidently. From vibrant pigtails and grunge half up half down styles to the standout ponytails with contrasting red and blue accents, these iconic hair looks are unique in expressing strength and self-discovery. Each of these hairstyles gives black girls a chance to embrace their natural features and bestow the courage and power of Harley Quinn.

Embracing Non-Conformity which is not Bound by Rules:

Harley Quinn’s character is famously known to break rules and norms, and her hairstyles are no exception. With a combination of colors, shapes, lengths, and textures, these rebellious styles stand out as iconic symbols of non-conformity. Black girls can take inspiration from this unconstrained mindset and challenge traditional beauty standards by incorporating elements of Harley Quinn’s hairstyles into their own unique looks. This can help them embrace their individuality and stand out confidently as they navigate through life.

A Representation of Individualism in Popular Culture:

The character of Harley Quinn represents a form of self-expression that is not afraid to be unconventional. In a world where popular culture often dictates what is considered beautiful, her character breaks away from these expectations and celebrates individualism. By embracing her diverse hairstyles, black girls can also feel empowered to express their true selves without conforming to societal norms. This not only challenges traditional standards of beauty but also helps promote self-love and acceptance.

Breaking Stereotypes and Defining Beauty on One’s Own Terms:

Harley Quinn’s character is a prime example of breaking stereotypes in popular culture. Her unconventional hairstyles shatter the stereotype that black women should have straight, sleek hair to be considered beautiful. By incorporating elements of her unique hairstyles, black girls can redefine what it means to be beautiful on their own terms. This allows for a diverse representation of beauty and promotes inclusivity in society.

Step-by-Step Ways to Achieve Harley Quinn’s Iconic Hairstyle That Celebrates Individuality

Harley Quinn Pigtails | DIY Halloween Costumes | DIY Halloween Hairstyles -  YouTube

Harley Quinn’s iconic hairstyle has provided an abundance of inspiration to many fashionistas. In order to recreate this look, start by breaking it down into simple steps. First, let’s explore the two main methods most people use: colored hairspray and hair chalk. Colored hairspray is the most preferred option as it is easier to apply and offers longer staying power and more vivid results. Alternatively, hair chalk can be used to create these edgy, temporary results without having to worry about any long-term commitment. Let’s examine each method in further detail:

Method Using Colored Hairspray

This is a fun and easy way to achieve Harley Quinn’s signature hairstyle. Here are the step-by-step instructions: 

Step 1: Brush and Part your Hair to Create a Base

Brushing is a great first step for styling hair! Start by thoroughly combing out any tangles in order to create a smooth and even surface for styling. Then, use the handle of a rattail comb to create the perfect center part, which will serve as a great foundation for your color to be added later on. Remember — creating the right part will help keep your style in place for longer, so the more important brushing and parting seem, the better. 

Step 2: Add Loose Waves that Mimic Harley’s Signature Look

Harley Quinn is renowned for her unique and wild hairdo. If you want to achieve this look for yourself, it’s easier to start off with slightly wavy or curly hair. If yours is straight, consider using a large curling iron to get those signature loose waves. Alternatively, you could opt for a dry texturizing spray, which will create additional volume and texture in your tresses. Remember, this character is famous for her edgy vibes, so there’s no need to worry about the styling being perfectly neat. Being a bit disheveled is the whole charm of Harley Quinn’s timeless hair!

Step 3: Pull your Hair into Two High Pigtails If Needed

This step isn’t necessary if you already have naturally curly or wavy hair. However, if you have stiff, straight hair, getting on Harley’s level with a texturizing spray may require more effort. To get to that sweet spot between fun and mischief, one great solution is to pull your hair up into two high pigtails, secure each one with a tie, and let a few strands remain hanging in the front.

The position of the pigtails is essential. Position them above your eyebrows and slightly behind your ears for that authentic Harley Quinn look. If you want to accentuate her playful energy, make sure those pigtails are comfortable but also perky. So make sure to maximize that mischievous touch for that final polish.

Step 4: Add Some Colored Hairspray for that Final Touch

It’s time to have fun! Get yourself some colored hairspray and put a cool twist on your pigtails. Use blue on the left and red or light pink on the right for a Harley Quinn look. Make sure to apply the color starting about midway and section by section. Don’t worry if the color line isn’t perfectly straight; an uneven edge will give you a more effortless, off-the-cuff adventure look. However, note that with colored hairspray, it can get a little messy. 

To avoid this, throw on an old shirt or cover your shoulders in a towel before you start. Additionally, wearing plastic gloves will help protect your hands from any color mishaps. Last but not least, when you’re done spritzing, shake out your locks for added volume and shape. 

Step 5: Accessorize with Ribbons and Bobby Pins for that Extra Touch

Give your classic pigtails an edgy, modern edge by adding ribbons and decorative bobby pins. Start by wrapping and securing a strand of hair around the base of each pigtail; this will keep the hair ties out of sight. To keep it in place, use a horizontal bobby pin to wrap a thin strand of hair around the base of the left pigtail. Repeat the same steps with the right pigtail. 

This technique will leave your pigtails looking sleek and fashion-forward. Get creative by adding a pop of color! You can mirror Harley Quinn’s own signature style, but go with blue ribbons on the left pigtail and red over the right while securing it with your trusty pins and some double-sided tape. You’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing hairstyle for the day.

Step 6: Final Touch: Backcomb the Pigtails for Added Voluminous Fun

Don’t fret when your hair looks too sleek or thin! You can instantly spice up your look with volume and texture by backcombing your pigtails. The technique consists of teasing bits of the hair from midway down to the hair ties. For thicker hair types, backcombing only from midway is enough, but if you have thinner hair, you should backcomb right up to the base to create a gorgeous – and Harley Quinn-inspired – look bursting with fullness and life. Step aside, glamor puss; your fabulous pigtails are about to make a statement! 

Step 7: Set with Hairspray for Long-Lasting Hold

After what feels like ages of meticulously perfecting your Harley Quinn pigtails, a few spritzes of hairspray will seal your style and fight off any pesky flyaways; if your hair is naturally spiraled or blowing in the wind, a hint of color could be just what you need. However, for straight and sleek tresses, a lightweight hairspray will ensure your pigtails stay in place longer. Taking the extra time to set your style with hairspray will give you a look that will last all day long.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of creating Harley Quinn-inspired pigtails let your creativity run wild and try out different colors, accessories, and styles. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, a themed party, or just adding fun to your everyday look, these pigtails will make a statement and show off your inner badass. So go ahead and channel your inner Harley Quinn – you’ll be turning heads and having fun in no time!  

Method Using Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is your new best friend if you want a temporary and colorful way to achieve the perfect Harley Quinn pigtails. Here’s how to get the look using this easy method: 

Step 1: Brush and Part Your Hair 

If you’ve done the previous steps, it’s time to move on to styling your hair to achieve those perfect pigtails! Start with brushing your hair, and then part it down the center to create symmetry. Using the handle of the rattail comb, pull your hair from your forehead down to the nape of your neck into two equal sections for the ultimate balanced look. Lastly, if you have bangs, you can add them to the pigtail to create different styles and looks while keeping your hair perfectly in place.

Step 2: Pull Your Hair Up into High Pigtails 

Once you’ve finished brushing and parting your hair, it’s time to get styling! Fasten each section of hair you have separated with a hair tie above your eyebrows and behind your ears. This will help create those high pigtails that you identified earlier! Using a comb or brush, make sure to smooth down any flyaways for a polished, neat finish. For an extra splash of style, leave a 1-inch (2.54-centimeter) strand of hair loose on both sides of your part. If you want the pigtails to look more snug or loose, simply pull on the hair ties to adjust accordingly.

Step 3: Apply the Hair Chalk 

Creating fun and vibrant pigtails is the most exciting part of the process! If you have dark hair, make sure to dampen it before using a hair chalk– wet hair makes the colors stand out even brighter. You do not need to dampen your entire head – simply use a spray bottle to mist the hair with subtle amounts of water. Applying the chalk directly to your hair without dampening it first is a great option for lighter hair tones! 

Start with managing your chosen hues – pick individual colors or experiment with different shades to layer them over one another. Finally, apply the hair chalk from the roots out to the tips of your silky strands. You will have delightful pigtails that prove to be a wonderfully bold statement!

Step 4: Rub Hair Chalk into Each Pigtail 

To create a look that shows off your true style, start by acquiring blue chalk. Take it to your left pigtail and blend in the pigtail midsection to the tips of your hair. Move on to the right pigtail and choose either pink or red hair chalk as a complementary hue. Use sectioned strands that measure 1 in (2.54cm). With the application, thoroughly rub hair chalk into your hair, coating your strands in vibrance and coloring. Opt for the lighter pink or red first and blend it into the blue on the left when they’re both ready and ready. Once everything is in place, you’ll have ambitious colors carried all through your two drawn pigtails that make bold and brilliant statements!

Step 5: Seal the Color with a Hair Straightener or Curling Iron

To achieve long-lasting and vibrant color, the final step is to set the chalk in your hair with the use of heat. A hair straightener can be used to achieve and maintain straight locks, although twisting your hair instead as you straighten can produce loose waves. For those who prefer the look of curls, opt for a curling iron with an enlarged barrel for a more subtle result. Not only will the heat effectively preserve the color of your hair, but it can also provide texture and dimension. If no heating tools are available, hairspray is a possible alternative. It may not be as effective as hair tools; however, replacing heat with hairspray is still an effective way to keep the color from fading or quickly rubbing off. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Consider accessorizing your bold and colorful pigtails with additional hair adornments. Small pins or clips can give your look added interest and dimension. Ribbons are another option – why not choose a few different colors and patterns and wrap them around the base of each pigtail before securing it with bobby pins or double-sided tape? This will create a unique look with extra eye-catching appeal. To truly complete the look, why not try a more detailed way to finish wrapping the hair strands? Use a wider, satin ribbon to wrap the pigtails underneath and secure with double-sided tape. For an extra pop of color, try switching up the left and right pigtails – blue for the left and red for the right.

Step 7: Backcombing and Setting

To give your pigtails a charmingly messy look, why not try backcombing? This technique adds volume to the pigtails and adds an extra layer of texture that is eye-catching and oh-so-much fun. For this particular style, focus on the section starting from the middle portion of the pigtail and pick hairs that vary in length to achieve distinctly captivating pigtails. When your fun and frisky style is complete, make sure to apply a strong hold hairspray on the ends with particular attention to where the hair chalk is. This will help add some extra staying power to your creative pigtails’ vibrant color and outlook. Your colorful migration of pigtails is ready to be fully displayed!

In a Nutshell

From pigtails, pink and blue, to curls and hair chalk – there are a variety of Harley Quinn hairstyles that celebrate individuality and make for the perfect Halloween look! Any black girl can create a unique hairstyle by following the steps outlined in this blog post. Whether you are dressing up as the classic clown inspired by the Suicide Squad movie or creating something on your own, it’s all about being creative and having fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment, express yourself, and stand out from the crowd with Harley Quinn’s iconic looks! 

Try these tips at home today – have fun and enjoy your new look! Now that you know how to turn yourself into Harleen Quinzel this Halloween season, why not try it out? Let us know how it goes in the comments below, and share your pictures on our Instagram with hashtag #HarleyQuinn and mention Cynosure Hair in your caption. We can’t wait to see your fabulous creations! Happy Halloween, dolls!