How to Choose Your First Wig

The most possible reason why you ended up on this article is probably because you are planning to purchase a wig for the first time. While picking out a wig on the surface can look easy, this phenomenon is not as simple. In fact, there are several aspects and factors one should consider when purchasing a wig.

If you are someone who wants to know all these aspects to ensure that you purchase the best wig, then you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to read up on all the factors that go into choosing a wig.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Your First Wig

Buying a wig for the first time is undoubtedly a surreal experience. One can be nervous and excited and can feel all the butterflies in their stomach when thinking about buying their first wig. However, before you let these butterflies get to your head and make a purchase without thinking, it is essential to consider all these factors we have mentioned below:

·      Budget


Similar to how you have a budget in mind when purchasing any item, it is essential to set a budget when buying a wig, too. This is because wigs come in all price ranges, and having a clear understanding of how much you are willing to spend on a wig is essential.

While many people believe that only the most expensive of wigs are the best, this is certainly not the case. In fact, you can find a good quality wig in all price ranges; you just need to do your research well. However, as a first-time wig wearer, we recommend you not to invest in an expensive wig initially and try to test first whether wigs are your ball game or not.

·      Hairstyle

Do you know how when you go to a salon, you ask the hairdresser to give you a cut that best suits your face shape? Well, this should be the same case when purchasing a wig, too. The wigs are available in many different hairstyles, cuts, and shapes, and one should choose a wig that would look the best on them.

·      Length of the Wig

Apart from the hairstyle of the wig, considering the length of the wig is also another essential factor one should focus on when purchasing a wig for the first time. There are usually three different lengths of wigs available: short, medium, and long.

The choice between the three should depend on your preference and what you believe you are capable of carrying effortlessly. Short wigs are easier to maintain compared to medium or long lengths. However, latter two, in turn, provide better styling. Hence, you should consider what is your priority and which length you believe suits you the most.

·      Capsize of the Wig

The capsize also falls into the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing a wig. The caps of your wig come in either a free size or varying fixed sizes. These varying sizes range from child-petite to petite, petite average, average, and then usually large.

However, each seller may have their sizing dynamics, and we suggest you look at the capsize chart present on the seller’s website and choose a size based on their given sizes accordingly.

A user needs to choose a size that fits their head perfectly and also one that covers their forehead and hairline adequately. If not, then the wigs would look unnatural sitting on your head. So it’s best to measure your head size for your wig natural look.

·      Texture of the Hair

Textures in a wig do not refer to its material but the variations that come in its outlook. The wigs in the market are available in a variety of different textures, from straight and flat wigs to those with deeper or kinky waves or ones that have body waves, too.

Each type and texture offers different benefits. The straight and flat would let a user carry a sleek and perfect look, but the bouncy and flowy wigs would enable them to pull off a playful tone, too. There are also wig textures available that are compatible with heat, and hence, you can purchase those as well to style your wig as per your preference on different occasions.

·      Color of the Hair

Colors! Oh, the colors available on the wigs are endless. However, choosing a wig color for yourself also takes a lot of time and should be given enough thought. When choosing a wig color, one should consider factors like how often they would wear that wig and on what occasions, along with whether or not that hair color would suit their skin tone.

Once you have all these questions clear in your head, is then when you should hop on to choose a color for yourself. In our opinion, if you need a wig for more natural and everyday wear, then there are no two better shades than black or brown for you. However, if you are choosing a wig for a more funkier occasion, picking out a vibrant color would not harm you.

·      Type of the Hair

While there are many subdivisions in the type of wigs, the two major categories are synthetic and human hair. The the most natural glueless human hair wigs are made of real human hair and are a tad bit expensive. These wigs require proper maintenance and can easily get damaged if heating tools are used on them.

The Synthetic Wigs, on the other hand, aren’t made of natural human hair and are cheaper. However, compared to natural wigs, synthetic wigs do not give off a very natural look.


If you are a first-time wig buyer who is soon planning to go about with a purchase, then we are sure that you must be excited. However, the anxiety of purchasing the perfect wig for yourself and not letting your money go down the drain might be eating you up, too.

We hope this article was sufficient to help you understand all the essential factors that you should consider when buying a wig and help tame your nervousness a bit. Good luck!