How To Care For Towels For The Gym?

Workout Towels are not the same as bath towels, hand towels, and especially not kitchen towels. They all vary in more ways than one! To begin with, they are all used for very different purposes. Secondly, they are made using different materials and can be found in varying sizes. Consequently, how you take care of your Towels For The Gym should vary from your other towels too. 

While there isn’t much you can do to make your gym towels last longer, you can ensure that they will keep you sweat-free and safe. So here is a quick guide to gym towel care. 

Don’t Forget To Wash It!

You would not believe how many people need to be reminded of this single rule – your workout towels SHOULD be washed after EVERY use!

Unlike other towels, you will be using your towels to wipe off sweat after using various equipment in the gym that many others have used before you and will use after you. A gym is not the cleanest of places, and reusing a towel that you use in the gym once is not good practice. Moreover, as the towel becomes saturated in sweat, it is a perfect host for a horde of bacteria and germs. This is not something you want to reuse. 

Soft Detergents And Fabric Softeners

This rule can very well permeate other areas of your life, and you will not be at a loss for it!

Use gentle detergents that are made especially for sensitive skin. It will not only keep the towel in good condition for a longer time, but it will also protect your skin as you rub the workout towels on your skin repeatedly. The gentle detergents will keep your skin safe no matter what. The same applies to fabric softeners too. You can skip it entirely, too, as most fabric softeners are toxic. 

*If you want to, you can use gentle fabric softeners. 

Kill the Germs

When you wash your gym towels, you should wash them with warm or hot water, which is the best way to kill any germs, bacteria, or viruses waiting on them. If you care about the environment, then warm water is more than enough and will take care of any germs in the towel.

Bleaches and Chemicals

For most people, deep cleaning their towels means soaking them in bleaches and harsh chemicals. A terrible practice and should be avoided at all costs! 

It is the easiest way to destroy your clothing and towels. Bleach can be quite harsh on the material and ruin it well before its time. Instead, use baking soda with vinegar, give it a little soak, and wash it as you usually do—no need to leave it soaking for hours. Just an hour or even half of that will do.


The key takeaway that you should remember is to wash your towels after every use, without fail. You can wash your towels with a gentle detergent as they will be in direct contact with your skin. So many washes also mean the towels you use for the gym will be destroyed too quickly, which can be bad for the environment. But no worries, you can buy your gym towels from ONDA, as they are made from 100% recycled materials.

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