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How much does the new Fallout Xbox controller cost?

The Fallout hype train is working overtime to get everyone excited for the April 12 launch of the Fallout TV Show on Prime Video. In addition to the announcement of Fallout SPECIAL anthology of games you can pre-order, and Prime gaming Xbox has even offered a number of PC titles for free to Prime subscribers and just announced a new Fallout-themed customization option that joins the Xbox Design Lab.

Image: Microsoft

The new design features a collage of different versions of Vault Boy, the official mascot of the Fallout franchise, alongside a Vault-Tec-themed Xbox logo at the top of the controller. I admit the new treatment looks pretty cool, but the extra cost is questionable. It costs $5 more than the other custom designs, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Something about paying $84.98 (minimum) for an Xbox controller doesn’t sit right with me.

Like the rest of the custom color treatments available through the Xbox Design Lab, the new Fallout theme can be combined with a host of other customization options. If you make the triggers and D-Pad metallic you can spend almost $100 before tax.

How much does the new Fallout Xbox controller cost

Personalized Xbox Design Lab Controller

Prices taken at time of publication.

The Xbox Design Lab allows you to create a custom Xbox controller with an amazing variety of color and design options. Each controller starts at just $70, but for an extra $10 you can have an embarrassing custom message engraved on it.

In defense of this new design, it’s not like other Design Lab controllers are affordable. Heck, I’m personally guilty of spending $149.95 on my own custom Elite Series 2 controller from the Xbox Design Lab. But this Fallout theme isn’t the fantastic Elite controller. It’s just Microsoft’s basic (but still very good) wireless controller, which can be purchased from Amazon in white for $45. At $80 and up, Microsoft is testing the limits of what people are willing to pay for a cosmetic upgrade on a controller that hasn’t changed in about four years.