Hologram Printing: its Purpose, Usage, and Advantages

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Hologram printing is nothing less than a tool in the modern technological world. It offers much more than just making your product packaging attractive to potential buyers. Brands are demanding custom-printed holographic boxes to attract the customer’s attention and make the architectural design a part of product packaging. This is important to enhance the box’s appearance and ensure the authenticity of the premium product for worthy customers. To further know about hologram printing and its uses, let’s have a look at the article below:

What is Hologram Printing?

Hologram printing is an innovative printing process used to augment the exquisiteness of product packaging. This is a decorative packaging designed to give the 2D architectural design a three-dimensional impact when it comes in direct contact with the light. The procedure offers a rainbow effect to the products, making the potential customers enjoy an unforgettable unboxing experience. This exceptional printing process is mostly used to adore the elegance of cardboard or paperboard. The hologram knows how to amazingly highlight the significant elements of the design. The technique is mostly used for ID cards, passports, and debit/credit cards.

Uses of Holographic Printing on Different Applications

Holographic printing is a brilliant method used to enhance the importance of distinct applications. Following are the areas using holographic printing as a tool to get prominence in the competitive market:

· Holographic Packaging

The modern era is replacing ordinary product packaging with holographic packaging to make the product attractive on the shelves of retail stores or online platforms. Holographic packaging gives the product a competitive advantage over its rivals and efficiently boosts the important elements of the design. Brands mostly utilize holographic printing to make their logo, images, artwork design, and customized text the center of attention. Hologram printing makes the packaging incredibly durable with the addition of a hidden security system, used to verify the authenticity of the products.

· Holographic Sign Boards at Home 

Holographic sign boards are used to efficiently highlight the architecture designs of the home. These are crafted to make the text, graphics or distinct artwork shine and be prominent for the spectators. These are generated using metal as raw material, which holds great stability and durability. The metal frame is passed through rust-proof treatment. People mostly utilize holographic sign boards to make their home address noteworthy.

· Holographic Cards

The holographic cards offer a dynamic appearance to the 3-D images. These are crafted to insert a hidden security system inside the card to validate the person associated with it. These are quite difficult to replicate as they hold multiple elements for the enhancement of security features. The holographic laminations are mostly used for passports, ID cards, debit cards, and credit cards. They highlight the text, graphics, or images to make them attractive to potential users.

· Holographic Stickers

Custom holographic stickers are working as a great promotional tool to make the brands recognized in the competitive market. The stickers hold an attention-grabbing effect that alters with light. These can be ordered in any size or shape to boost the existing artwork. The holographic stickers are covered using laminations to avoid any sort of scratching, tampering, fading, or tearing. They are self-adhesive while making the product enjoy a glossy finish. These are mostly used in cereal boxes, influencer boxes, magazines, pharmaceuticals, and confectionery.

Different Printing Methods of Holographic Printing: 

Holographic paper is printed using distinct techniques. To know more about it, let’s have a look at the following types of printing:

· UV Printing on Holographic Paper

The holographic paper does not work well with the standard ink. Therefore, UV printing uses a CMYK color scheme for the better printing of distinct designs or images on holographic paper. UV printing makes the ink dry rapidly when exposed to light. This is quite similar to offset printing, but a white base is made on the paper before the application of eye-catching colors to get it dry efficiently under UV radiation.

· Silk Printing on Holographic Paper

Silkscreen printing is another great printing technique used specifically in the case of large images and text. In this technique, ink is applied on the silk screen which holds an embedded design to print on the holographic paper. This is quite expensive and requires a manual setting to generate exceptional results. This is a time-consuming procedure, therefore, avoid using it for large-scale projects.

· Foil Stamping on Holographic Paper

Hot foil stamping is the most sophisticated printing procedure using hot dies and pressure to create a thin metallic printing layer on the paper material. This method is mostly used to deliver the embossing or debossing finishing methods that make the text, images, or artwork raised with golden, copper, silver, or bronze foiling. This is an innovative printing method that makes the product packaging luxurious for the target customers. 

Wrapping it Up

Holographic printing is a significant decision brands should take to boost their product packaging. The packaging manufacturer could only let you know the best suitable for your project. Box Agency is a leading packaging company that offers affordable holographic packaging solutions to enhance your product’s outlook and make the consumers satisfied with the memorable unboxing experience. So, get in contact with them through their web platform and reap the benefits.