Hoda Kotb reveals her biggest dating regret as Today cohost Jenna Bush Hager admits she wishes she dated more before meeting her husband Henry

Hoda Kotb has opened up about some of her biggest dating regrets during a candid chat with her Today cohost Jenna Bush Hager, admitting that she always worried about “fitting in” to a man’s life.

Hoda, 59, and Jenna, 42, were discussing Kate Hudson’s recent comments about how she took a year off from dating, when the former first daughter revealed she wished she had dated more before meeting her now husband Henry Hager.

“So you got married young,” Hoda commented as Jenna confirmed, “Yes, I was 26, but I dated in college, I dated in high school, I didn’t date enough, that’s what I realized before admitting, “I was a serial monogamist, which was fine, but I should have dated more.”

Referring to her 46-year-old husband, Jenna continued, “I’m glad I met the right person early and it’s been amazing and we’ve built an incredible life and I’m proud of it.

‘But you should also have fun and go out as long as you can. “I think girls are taught, ‘be careful or you’ll get a bad reputation,’ and it’s like you can do both: you can date a lot of people and stay true to yourself,” the mother of three added.

Jenna Bush Hager confirmed she dated before meeting her husband

Hoda Kotb has opened up about her dating regrets, while her cohost Jenna Bush Hager (right) says she wishes she had dated more

Jenna, 42, said she 'didn't date enough' before meeting her now husband Henry Hager in 2004

Jenna, 42, said she ‘didn’t date enough’ before meeting her now husband Henry Hager in 2004

Hoda, who recently revealed she was dating again, agreed with her cohost, saying: Exactly, that’s right, you can. And I think people think, “There’s something wrong with me if I don’t meet anyone by this time or this time.”

“But you’re right about dating and trying, and not everyone you’re in a relationship with is meant to go the distance,” the mother of two added.

Jenna replied, “No, but I think growing up it was like having a prince dream, so that’s why I went into relationships – if I’m honest – thinking ‘is this one going to go far?’ at a young age.’

Hoda replied, “Right! Imagine thinking, “Yes, is this the person I’m going to marry?” Because when you meet someone, you’re already editing ahead… you’re thinking, “Oh my God, a family, a wedding, kids, like, ‘Do I see it, do I see it?'”

The TV presenter then revealed: ‘One of the things I always wanted when I met someone was ‘does he like me? I so hope he likes me’. Not like ‘this is who I am’.

‘You can be the juiciest orange of the bunch, but some people don’t like oranges. I can’t help you if you don’t like oranges, that’s me,” Hoda continued.

“But I was so worried about fitting into his life… ‘This is his ideal, I can be that,’ instead of ‘do I want him?’

Jenna, who married Henry in Texas in May 2008, agreed, claiming, “We need to change the narrative!”