Harman the latest to launch LLM for healthcare

Harman the latest to launch LLM for healthcare

Harman announced this week that it has developed a private large-language model trained on a variety of healthcare data sets.

According to Harman, the Samsung Electronics subsidiary’s advanced implementation techniques using quantization have reduced model size and processing costs by up to a tenth.

The artificial intelligence model uses natural language processing to help healthcare organizations gain insights from their data, including clinical trial data. The company says HealthGPT offers:

  • Real-time, context-aware clinical insights.

  • An automated framework for refining and validating the LLM and its output.

  • Custom datasets to further refine the model for better performance.

The India-based company says it tested the model for accuracy and hallucinations using its LLM testing framework and then validated the results by healthcare experts.

Samsung gained access to 8,000 software designers and engineers working on cloud-based consumer and enterprise experiences when it acquired Harman International Industries in 2016.

Today, Harman, known for automotive and electronics, supports a number of industries with digital transformation platforms. Harman DTS provides Internet of Things management, a remote care platform, software, analytics and more to providers, payers, medical device manufacturers and others.

With supercomputing, healthcare organizations have also developed their own LLMs that use generative AI.

In August, Singapore’s National University Health System said it has developed its own healthcare GPT to improve physician productivity. NUHS RUSSELL-GPT summarizes patient case notes, writes referral letters for doctors and allows NUHS staff to ask questions relating to medical conditions and clinical practice guidelines.

“The business value of generative AI cannot be overstated. Organizations that can scale and deploy quickly will see significant competitive advantages, productivity gains and more – but only if they can unlock their data and move from general-purpose applications to more specialized, domain-specific applications,” said Nick Parrota, Chief Digital and Information Officer of Harman and president of Digital Transformation Solutions, in a statement.

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