Greta Thunberg could be JAILED after the eco-protester is charged with disobeying a police order 

Greta Thunberg MAY BE CAPTURED after eco-protester accused of disobeying police order

  • A 20-year-old activist took part in a protest in the Swedish city of Malmö on June 19
  • Prosecutors accused her of refusing to obey police orders during the protest

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been charged with disobeying police during a June climate protest in southern Sweden, the prosecutor said Wednesday, and most likely faces a fine.

The prosecutor said it charged the 20-year-old activist after she “refused to follow police orders to leave the grounds” of a protest in the southern city of Malmö on June 19.

Thunberg joined the protest organized by the environmental activist group ‘Ta tillbaka framtiden’ (Reclaim the Future) when they tried to block the entrance and exit to Malmö harbor to protest the use of fossil fuel.

“We choose not to be spectators, and instead to physically stop fossil fuel infrastructure. We reclaim the future,” Thunberg said in an Instagram post at the time.

On Wednesday, the group said: “After blocking the activities that set our future on fire, we are now being charged with criminal offences.

“While charges are filed against us, the real crime is happening inside the doors we have barred.”

Police remove Greta Thunberg as they remove climate activists from the organization Ta Tillbaka Framtiden, who blocked the entrance to Oljehamnen in Malmö, Sweden, June 19, 2023

Police talk to Greta Thunberg during her climate protest in southern Sweden last month

Police talk to Greta Thunberg during her climate protest in southern Sweden last month

The charge could lead to a maximum of six months in prison, but prosecutor Charlotte Ottesen told Sydsvenskan newspaper that it normally results in a fine.

A hearing at the Malmö court is scheduled for the end of July, the newspaper said.

Greta Thunberg was only 15 when she started her ‘School strike for the climate’ in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm.

She and a small group of young people founded the Fridays for Future movement, which quickly became a global phenomenon.

In addition to her climate strikes, the young activist regularly denounces governments and politicians for not handling climate issues properly.

In late March, she denounced what she called an “unprecedented betrayal” by leaders following the release of the latest report from the UN’s climate advisory panel, the IPCC.