Google just made Chrome’s search suggestions smarter, even when you’re offline or using Incognito mode

Google Chrome, Google’s popular web browser, recently received some nice new features, and the one that stands out the most is improved search functionality during periods when devices have poor connectivity.

As Google writes his post on his official blog, The KeywordWhen you need information, sometimes you don’t have the best internet connection. And now Google has improved on-device capabilities for Chrome on iOS and Android devices to show search suggestions for when you find yourself in such a situation.

Since Chrome is getting these improved search capabilities, it also means you can expect better suggestions when you use Incognito mode. You can expect search suggestions even if Chrome can’t gather the kind of information it usually collects: from the Internet or from your browsing history.

Man checking out phone

(Image credit: Christopher Niño/Pexels)

More improvements are coming to search