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Google isn’t done demonstrating the genius of Gemini and is working to integrate it directly into Android devices

Google’s newly reworked and renamed family of generative artificial intelligence models, Gemini, may still be at the very beginning of its development journey, but Google is making big plans for it. It plans to integrate Gemini into Android software for phones, and it is predicted that users will be able to access it offline by 2025. according to a top executive at Google’s Pixel division, Brian Rakowski.

Gemini is a set of major language models that are designed to understand and generate human-like text and more, and the most compact, efficient model of these is Gemini Nano, intended for on-device tasks. This is the model currently built and customized for use on Pixel phones and other capable Android devices. According to Rakowski, the larger models of Gemini Nano, which require an internet connection (because they only live in Google’s data centers), are expected to be integrated into new Android phones starting next year.