Give your iPhone 15 a boost with a ROKFORM case that does more than just the basics

The new iPhone 15 series is here and with it new options to boost the window around your valuable new purchase. But if you slip your new phone into one of ROKFORM’s new cases, you can put all your worries to rest. The all new ROKFORM Robust And Crystal cases provide 360-degree protection for the iPhone 15 line and make it even more exciting with some handy extra features you didn’t even know you needed.

The SKIRT FORM Robust And Crystal cases have been redesigned for the iPhone 15 line, ensuring a snug fit for your phone and access to all the enhanced features of this latest model. The cases have been upgraded over several generations, improving camera protection and adding easy-to-press buttons that don’t interfere with everyday use of the phone. These cases are also MagSafe compatible, so you don’t have to miss out on wireless charging, and that’s just the start of their magnetic capabilities.

ROKFORM Crystal case that protects iPhone 15 from rocks

(Image credit: Rokform)

Both cases feature their own magnetic ring and secondary magnetic bar, creating a multi-magnet setup that is extra strong. Now it’s not just MagSafe devices that your phone can be attached to, but also magnetic surfaces, like metal poles, workbenches, toolboxes, and refrigerators.

While you won’t have to worry about your phone falling where you attach it, thanks to all the technology ROKFORM has built into the cases, you can rest assured that your phone will be well protected even if it falls. These are action-ready cases with robust protection on all sides, which protect the phone against major falls. And while supplies last, ROKFORM is offering a free iPhone 15 Screen Protector with the purchase of one of these cases.

ROKFORM Robust iPhone 15 case that can be attached to the RokLock bicycle holder

(Image credit: Rokform)

Magnets are just the beginning of what ROKFORM adds to your phone too. For an even more secure hold, ROKFORM’s unique RokLock™ technology combines a twist-lock mechanism with the magnetic attachment for a link that will not accidentally come loose. This allows the business to join many of ROKFORM’s motorcycle supports, car mountsAnd bicycle mounts. Some of those same mounts are also compatible with ROKFORM’s G-ROK wireless wave speakerso you can get extra mileage out of it.