Get an Atlas-sized bundle of Battletech fiction for just $30

Humble is currently offering a huge bundle of over 130 Battletech fictions for just $30. The Battletech Fiction Collection contains a comprehensive collection of every Battletech Legends novel published since 2015, in addition to back issues of Shrapnelthe official Battletech magazine, with collections of technical texts and short stories.

Learn about the formation of the Inner Sphere’s most infamous mercenaries in books like Kell Hound’s Ascendant And A rock and a hard place. Or jump ahead in the aftermath of the clan invasion with The Damocles Sanction or the Elements of Treason series.

The entire volume contains far too many works to list here, but if you’ve ever been curious about the universe of one of the biggest names in tabletop gaming, this is a collection worth checking out. If the $30 bundle seems a little too intimidating, or if you already own the 2023 collection of Battletech Legends novels, a smaller, $18 bundle featuring 70 of Legends’ most recent works is also available.

Humble Bundle sets always set aside a portion of your purchase to benefit a nonprofit organization, in this case the ACLU. However, you can always adjust how much of your purchase goes to the publisher, to Humble, or to charity by using the ‘Customize donation’ drop-down menu and selecting a custom amount.