Get 7 excellent Steam Deck Verified Metroidvanias for just $14

Characterized by their non-linear design, labyrinthine maps and challenging bosses, the side-scrolling Metroidvania seems perfectly tailored for handhelds like the Steam Deck. You can now add seven standout titles from the Metroidvania genre to your portable library for just $14 starting Humbleincluding some of our personal favorites.

The highlights of the seven-game bundle certainly are Axiom Verge and its excellent follow-up, Axiom Verge 2. Created solely by Thomas Happ, both games remain classic examples of the Metroidvania genre, thanks to their distinct environments, memorable soundtracks, varied abilities, and pixel-heavy aesthetics.

This collection also includes some more contemporary additions to the expanding genre, such as the fast-paced and irreverent Cookie cutterand the deckbuilding-inspired The knight witch. Also included 9 years of shadows, Ghost song, The Death Gambit: The Afterlifeand a 50% off coupon for the Ashes of Vados DLC for The Death Gambit.

Although this bundle does not include other essential titles such as Dead cells, hollow knightor Blasphemouswe still recommend checking out this $14 collection if any of the games haven’t yet made their way into your Steam library.