Fred Roos dead at 89: Oscar-winning producer of The Godfather Part II passes away – as Francis Ford Coppola shares emotional tribute

Oscar-winning producer Fred Roos has died at the age of 89, just four days before his 90th birthday.

Francis Ford Coppola, who worked with Roos on The Godfather Part II, will lead a tribute Tuesday, as will actress Aubrey Plaza, who stars in Coppola’s latest film Megalopolis.

Fred Roos possessed an almost infallible casting instinct: so beautifully demonstrated in AMERICAN GRAFFITTI and THE OUTSIDERS,” Coppola wrote in his tribute, alongside a photo of the pair together.

He added: “He was a wonderful lifelong friend and collaborator, with, above all, a true love of films.

“I remember once telling him that we needed to find more female directors, but we needed to look for them among kids who played with 8mm film equipment instead of dolls—and he came up with kids named Martha Coolidge and Susan Seidelman. He was a unique talent and will certainly be missed.”

Frances Ford Coppola who worked with Fred Roos (right) on The Godfather Part II lead tributes Tuesday,

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