Four people shot — one fatally — in the Bronx by shooters on scooters

NEW YORK — Four people were shot dead on a street corner in the Bronx on Tuesday evening by gunmen riding scooters, police said.

About 10 shots were fired after two scooters entered the intersection after 6 p.m. and passengers on the back of each pulled out their weapons, Assistant Police Chief Benjamin Gurley said.

Three victims standing on the street corner, ranging in age from 23 to 37, suffered gunshot wounds to their legs. The fourth, a 29-year-old man, was hit in the legs and chest and later died, Gurley said.

“The perpetrators wore masks and hoodies to block their identities and then fled north on scooters,” Gurley said.

One person was arrested for questioning on Tuesday evening. But Gurley said police weren’t sure if that person was involved in the shooting.

Police are still investigating whether the victims were targeted by the gunmen or if there were gang ties to the shooting, he said.

The conditions of the three surviving victims were not immediately released.

The police department’s Community Response Team has been working in the Bronx since April 1, aggressively targeting criminals on scooters, said Deputy Police Chief Kaz Daughtry.

The department has taken 9,500 scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs off the streets since Jan. 1, including 2,500 in the Bronx, Daughtry said.

“This is a great example of why we do this,” he said.