Former ESPN host tells Harrison Butker to ‘go f*** yourself’ after Chiefs kicker’s controversial speech: ‘Everything he said was garbage’

The backlash over Harrison Butker’s controversial speech continues, with former SportsNation presenter Michelle Beadle joining the fray.

A number of people have spoken out against the Chiefs Kicker’s speech at Benedictine College in Kansas – where he spoke out on a number of topics ranging from the current political landscape to President Joe Biden, to gender issues and the role of women in the family . to live.

The latter part in particular has attracted a lot of criticism, with Butker saying that women have been ‘diabolically lied to’ about a number of issues, including their role in the workplace.

Beadle strongly disagreed with Butker’s assessment on the ‘Over the Top’ podcast alongside Peter Rosenberg.

“As a woman, I think everything he said was nonsense,” said Beadle, who has been in sports journalism for more than 20 years.

Longtime sports journalist Michelle Beadle objected to Harrison Butker’s speech

Butker's speech at Benedictine College has sparked controversy

Butker’s speech at Benedictine College has sparked controversy

“I think when you hide hateful thoughts, feelings and bigotry behind the ‘quote unquote’ cloak of religion, I tend to roll my eyes and stop listening.

“But I think the fact that there were women in that audience was not okay. I mean, granted, there were a few that clearly were, but a few that weren’t have since come out and said, what the heck, dude?

‘We’ve worked really hard for years. And you come in here and tell us that’s all nice and all, but what you really want to do is get married and have kids. Then you feel important. Like, go fuck yourself.”

“And besides, it’s also my freedom of speech to say, do yourself a favor, Harrison Butker. That is my freedom. I can do that,” she added.

Most recently, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes broke his silence on Wednesday, defending his teammate’s character but admitting he disagreed with Butker on “certain things.”

Butker's teammate, Patrick Mahomes, admitted he disagreed with some of the things Butker said

Butker’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes, admitted he disagreed with some of the things Butker said

‘I’ve known Harrison for seven years. I judge him based on the character he shows every day,” Mahomes said after one of the Chiefs’ OTAs.

“We’re not always going to agree, and there are certain things he said that I don’t necessarily agree with.

“But I know the person he is and he does what he can to guide people in the right direction.”