Football’s first openly-gay player reveals sickening abuse he has received on social media

  • Josh Cavallo has revealed the sickening abuse he suffered
  • Cavallo, 24, became the first current openly gay player in football in 2021
  • He says there is still a lot of work to be done for LGBT+ rights

Adelaide United player Josh Cavallo has told football fans to 'do better' after revealing the sickening homophobic abuse on social media.

Two years ago the Australian, 24, became the only current top footballer to come out as gay and told the world he was tired of 'living a double life'.

Since then, Cavallo has been championed as a leading voice for the LGBT+ community, keen to promote equal rights across the game.

But in a lengthy post on Instagram, he has opened up about the toll social media abuse has taken on him.

In addition to a series of offensive messages that Ny Breaking Australia has not repeated in writing, Cavallo admitted there is still “an enormous amount of work” to be done to ensure LGBT+ rights are respected.

Josh Cavallo has revealed the sickening abuse he received on social media

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β€œI apologize in advance for the next slide ahead,” he began. 'Please read this carefully and reach out to a lifeline or support network if you feel triggered in any way.

β€œI share my life through this social media platform to help individuals grow around the world. To feel more powerful in their own skin. To feel comfortable with the person they want to be.

'I am so proud in my heart of how much my football club and the LGBTQIA+ community have grown in the world of football, but we must remember that there is still a huge amount of work left.

'We live in 2023 and this behavior could be more harmful than you think. Two years after my coming out journey, I go about my daily life and am reminded of how people wish me dead.

β€œTo all you social media platforms, all I have to say to you is: do better.”

Cavallo became the first current openly gay footballer in 2021

Cavallo became the first current openly gay footballer in 2021

Cavallo's decision to come out inspired English footballer Jake Daniels to also come out as gay in 2022. The Blackpool striker became Britain's first male professional since 1990 to come out.

β€œI want to take a moment to acknowledge Jake's announcement and say how proud I am of his courage,” Cavallo said. β€œIt's an amazing feeling to know that my story has helped Jake be his true self.

β€œIt's moving to see the millions of people my story has influenced and inspired around the world, and to see how it's helping to develop the global game at all levels is fantastic. This world and the game of football have a place for everyone. Love will always win.'