Fix Joy-Con drift with these replacement sticks on sale for Prime Day

Nothing can ruin Switch games like your controller subtly registering motion without you touching it, which is why the Joy-Con drift needs to go. While Nintendo hasn’t quite found a solution in its first-party controllers yet, other companies have solid solutions. In fact, these are effective Hall Effect Thumbsticks Joy-Con Joystick Replacements are an excellent way to reduce Joy-Con drift on your controllers, and they just happen to be on sale for Amazon Prime Day this year.

The Hall Thumbstick Switch Joystick Replacement costs $21.36 on sale (normally $26.70) and comes with two joysticks, just what you need to make sure none of your Joy-Con drifts again.

The Switch joystick replacements work with any model of Switch and Joy-Con and are designed to replace the joysticks that come standard on the Nintendo controllers. Once you have the replacements, all you have to do is swap them into your controllers and voila: no more drifting.

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