Five more bricks of cocaine worth $1M mysteriously wash up on Sydney’s northern beaches

Mysterious packages of cocaine continue to wash up on Australia’s east coast. Another five stones were discovered on Monday, adding to the 300 kilos already seized by authorities.

Lifeguards on Sydney’s northern beaches discovered two stones of the drug at Freshwater Beach and another three at Curl Curl Beach.

Police were contacted around 7:30 a.m. and the packages, estimated to be worth around $1 million, were sent for testing.

It is believed to be part of the same illegal shipment that has been washing up since December.

Some have speculated that the illegal cargo fell into the water during a storm, but so far New South Wales Police have not released any information about the investigation.

Up to 213kg of cocaine has been discovered on the coastline between Sydney and Newcastle, with 90kg of this found over the New Year (pictured is one of the packages)

A bag filled with cocaine (pictured) at Newcastle Baths in northern NSW

A bag filled with cocaine (pictured) at Newcastle Baths in northern NSW

“Officers from the Northern Beaches Police Area Command have seized the items, which will be examined forensically,” police said in a statement.

‘The Marine Commando police conducted patrols without any further discoveries. As the investigation continues, the public is reminded to report any suspicious package to authorities.”

Daily Mail Australia previously reported that 39 kilos of cocaine appeared on Magenta Beach, on the Central Coast, last year.

Further searches along the coast revealed a further six packages on beaches stretching from Newcastle to Sydney.

Since then, varying amounts of the drug have also washed up in different locations.

In January, NSW Police hired a maritime expert to help investigators determine how long the tightly wrapped packages have been floating in the ocean.

Since December 22, up to 213 kg of cocaine has been discovered along the coast, of which 90 kg in the new year.