Firefighters in New Jersey come to the rescue of a yellow Labrador stuck in a spare tire

FRANKLINVILLE, NJ– Firefighters in southern New Jersey rescued a dog that got stuck in a spare tire.

The Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company crew found Daisy, an 11-month-old yellow Labrador, when they went to a home in Franklin Township last Thursday. Her neck was deeply lodged in the center of the tire rim and firefighters worked quickly to devise a rescue plan while trying to keep Daisy calm.

Lt. Brandon Volpe told The Philadelphia Inquirer that crews first used dish soap and water but were unable to free the dog, which was “pretty stuck there.” Then they tried vegetable oil and when that didn’t work, they put plastic wrap around her neck, hoping the oil and soap would make it slippery enough for her to slide down.

When that didn’t work either, Volpe remembered he had plasma cutters at home, which were used for cutting steel and metal, so the crew put Daisy on a red wagon and drove to Volpe’s garage.

Volpe recalls that the dog “panicked a little bit,” but a fire blanket was placed around her head and neck for protection. Daisy was free within five minutes.