Female Channel 7 star accused of rape and child abuse is hit with 40 more charges

A Channel 7 TV personality accused of a string of offenses including rape has been hit with a further 40 charges.

Proceedings against the woman, who cannot be named publicly for legal reasons, continued at the Richlands Magistrates Court in Queensland on Tuesday.

The court heard the woman was faced with a further 40 charges, on top of a range of existing charges including rape and serious child abuse. Courier mail reported.

According to court documents, the woman was charged with 38 of the new charges on November 7 this year and again on November 10, meaning she now faces around 80 charges.

A woman who appeared on a Channel 7 show has been hit with 40 new charges, meaning she now faces around 80 charges

One charge of common assault has since been dropped.

The charges date back several years and cover several locations in Queensland.

These include further allegations of rape and child abuse, as well as allegations of observations or recordings invading the privacy of the genital or anal area, torture, disability for the purpose of committing criminal offenses and assaults causing bodily harm.

The TV personality’s lawyer asked for a delay to gather more material on the new charges.

The woman’s latest appearance in court follows an earlier ruling that the media could not name her for fear she would harm herself following coverage of the high-profile case by Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

It also came after she tried to self-harm last month.

The woman's identity has been withheld for fear she might harm herself (stock image pictured)

The woman’s identity has been withheld for fear she might harm herself (stock image pictured)

This case was one of the first to put Queensland’s new sexual offense identification laws to the test.

From October 3, people accused and charged of sexual crimes, including rape, attempted rape, assault with intent to commit rape and sexual assault, can have their identities published by the media.

The woman’s partner was also charged in October with two counts of torture and common assault, and one count of observations or recordings in breach of privacy and assault occasioning bodily harm.

The partner also cannot be named publicly.

Magistrate Aaron Simpson increased the woman’s bail and the case was set for hearing on January 23, 2024.