Fashion giants Lacoste and Hugo Boss’ Russian shame

Shame fashion giants: Lacoste and Hugo Boss are under fire for selling their products in Russia

Lacoste and Hugo Boss have come under fire for selling their products in Russia.

The Moral Rating Agency (MRA), which monitors companies’ activities in Russia, accused Lacoste’s Swiss parent company MF Brands of “double talk” after it claimed it had withdrawn from its products made in Russia and that they were handled by an ‘independent partner’.

But the MRA said Lode LLC, a Russian company that operates the business in the country, is owned by French company Devanlay — controlled by MF Brands.

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Hugo Boss was criticized after German newspaper Die Zeit revealed it made about £60 million in sales from Russia in 2022.

A spokesman for Hugo Boss said: “We are currently reviewing how we will manage our Russian affairs in the long term.”