Exploring On-Demand T-Shirt Printing

When it comes to cotton t-shirt printing and other garment printing, there are a few options in the type of printing you choose. It depends on your needs, goals, budget and what your focus is for the shirts. One choice is on-demand t-shirt printing also known as DTG or direct to garment printing. It uses something like the inkjet printer you see in the office or that you might have at home. But the printer is a larger size and it does not print in paper, it prints on t-shirts or whatever garments you are using. Unlike with something like screen printing, there is no long a complicated set up process so it means you can print small batches with no hassles at all. A better method is direct-to-film printing, which combines the benefits of DTG’s versatility with greater durability and vibrancy in the final product. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of on-demand or DTG printing and whether it is for you.

Pros and Cons of this type of garment printing

On-Demand t-shirt printing – Pros 

When it comes to on-demand t shirt design Singapore as mentioned because there is not a lot to set up you can order single or small amounts of t-shirts. If you just need say 5 shirts for a family reunion, or 10 for a baseball team uniform you can get them using on-demand printing methods, where something like screen printing they are probably going to say no. You also will not be faced with the issue if having to over order the quality and then have shirts sitting somewhere in storage. Another advantage to choosing this method for your t-shirts is that it can handle highly detailed images, and photos, and multiple colors, a lot better than any other method. When you want something that is high quality and looks great for a design that is intricate then DTG is the way to go. 

On-Demand t-shirt printing – Cons 

As mentioned this not the best option for large orders and you will not prices reduced the more you order for this type of cotton tshirt printing. Because of that in general the cost for this printing method is more than with something like screen printing. So you have to consider that when you have more shirts to order. These costs means it is harder to make a profit on such printing if you are choosing to sell them. There have been issues in the past with this method and printing on dark shirts so that is something to ask about. 

Is this method of printing best for your needs?

When you are looking for printing services that offer t shirt design Singapore you should choose on-demand printing if you only need a small order, or want to print a photo or other colorful and detailed image. If you are looking for more profit margin, simple designs and bulk orders as an option you might want to go check out screen printing t-shirts as a better choice. DTG is a modern option and the inks are still being changed and developed so the process continues to improve.