Exclusive Black Friday deal: MyHeritage DNA Kit is just $32 for Ny Breaking readers

DNA kits make fantastic gift ideas, and just in time for the holidays, MyHeritage DNA is offering an exclusive Black Friday deal for Ny Breaking readers. For a limited time, you can get the MyHeritage DNA kit, plus a 30-day free trial of the Complete plan for just $32 when you use the code Ny Breaking32 at checkout. That’s a total savings of $57 and an incredible price for the highly rated DNA test kit.

The MyHeritage DNA kit includes an ethnicity report that helps you identify the specific groups from which you descend across 2,114 regions, and you can discover new relatives through a shared global database. All you have to do is collect a cheek swab at home, send your sample to the laboratory, and you will receive your results within three to four weeks. Today’s Black Friday deal also includes a 30-day trial of the Complete subscription, which lets you build your family tree and explore 19.6 billion historical records.

Please note that this is an exclusive deal for Ny Breaking readers and you must use the code Techradar32 at checkout to receive the $57 discount. This offer beats the current discount at Amazon and MyHeritage and is a fantastic price for one of the best DNA kits on the market, making it one of the best Black Friday deals around right now.

Exclusive Black Friday deal: MyHeritage DNA kit

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