Every Hades 2 character we know so far

Hades 2 is still in the early stages of testing, but the game looks good. Really good.

On Wednesday, developer Supergiant Games released part of the game as a technical test, giving fans their first taste of the sequel Hadesthe popular action roguelike of 2020, since it was announced in 2022. The limited release only covers the first part of the game, but already gave players an in-depth idea of ​​what to expect – spoilers, it looks very sexy.

Sure, new hero Melinoë’s black magic-inspired gameplay looks great, but there’s a lot more to see. Every new and returning character just looks so damn good. The developers showed returning characters Hadessuch as Aphrodite and Hypnos, which received a complete redesign and then revealed new characters, such as the blacksmith Hephaestus, who have created a great deal of thirst.

If anything came out of this technical test, it’s that the cast will be a huge draw for new and old fans alike. That’s why we at Polygon have collected every character we’ve seen in the game so far. Right now we’re basing this list on who we saw during the tech test, but we’ll update this post as we hear more characters in the game.

(Ed. remark: This list contains spoilers for the content appearing in the Hades 2 technical test, including new characters, character redesigns and dialogue. Because the game is still in development, some of these details may change before release.)


Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, returns to Hades 2. This time she took her outfit to the next level by simply taking it off. I think the look suits her!


A depiction of Apollo in Hades 2. He has golden hair and glittering armor.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Apollo, the god of light, returns absolutely gorgeous. His whole appearance makes him seem a little more royal and divine than in Hades.


An image of Arachne in Hades 2. She looks like a small anthropomorphic spider.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Arachne may be a small spider, but her specialized armor gives Melinoë the support she needs when fighting baddies.


A depiction of Artemis in Hades 2. She wears a fur and has a stick rest on her shoulders.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

If you’re in a pinch and a green arrow suddenly comes to your rescue, you’ve been lucky enough to encounter Artemis. Her beastly but confident appearance makes for a perfect design. Her design hasn’t changed much from the original, but her pelts now look a bit more stylish.


A depiction of Charon in Hades 2. He has no face and simply looks like a creature in a cloak.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Charon, the shopkeeper, may not be talkative, but he is recognizable. I also long to be a faceless being, wrapped in beautiful fabrics. This is the only design that doesn’t look as good as the first game, but perhaps it will be replaced as development progresses.

The meter

An image of Demeter in Hades 2. She looks old, but stands tall and looks like a warrior.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Grandma-mama? Demeter is Melinoë’s grandmother and an icon from Greek mythology. This time she leans towards the warrior look instead of her old, wise face in the original. Whatever she does to maintain her health, it works.


An image of Dora in Hades 2. It looks like a little ghost with a mischievous smile.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

When Melinoe dies, Dora the Shadow will be there to greet her home. The cheeky little ghost will be a welcome friend in difficult times.


An image of Hecate in Hades 2. She looks like a buff wizard with a six-pack.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

In the images I have seen, artists tend to depict Hecate in a very classical and stereotypically feminine way. That’s why I love this design; it’s dark, impressive and shows us that she is a force to be reckoned with. More dark mages that look like this, please!


A depiction of Hephaestus in Hades 2. He is in a wheelchair and missing a leg.  He's rocking a man bun.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Mount Olympus who? Hephaestus may have been expelled from the realm of the gods, but we can see that he has retained his divine appearance. Of all the new characters, he has especially generated a lot of excitement.


An image of Hestia in Hades 2. She looks like a character without a face.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Hestia’s flames burn brightly, but we still can’t get a good look at her. It’s possible that this character design is a placeholder, as it resembles Charon’s, and we know that Hestia generally appears as an old woman in Greek myths. Anyway, I’m curious to see how this character will develop.


An image of Hypnos in Hades 2. He lies in a hammock and sleeps like a baby angel with his flowing hair.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Of all the redesigns we’ve seen so far, I like Hypnos the most. In Hades, he had a very unkind expression that made him seem a bit quirky. Now he looks like he has been hugged with beautiful long locks, and he looks like an upright angel.


1713549583 303 Every Hades 2 character we know so far

1713549586 216 Every Hades 2 character we know so far

Slide to see Melinoë as a child
Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon and Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon

Melinoë is the princess of the underworld and our beloved new protagonist. I think the internet collectively gasped when Supergiant Games first revealed her because, like everyone else on this list, she looks amazing and like she can seriously kick some ass. So far we’ve seen two designs for her, including a section that shows her as a child.


A depiction of Moros in Hades 2. He looks like a dark night and has gigantic pecs, horns, and long flowing hair that falls over his horns.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

I don’t care if Moros is literally titled “Doom Incarnate”; I would welcome him to my home any day of the week and pursue him relentlessly.


An image of Nemesis in Hades 2. She looks like a muscular warrior and wears dark armor.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Nemesis is one of the few characters you can meet at base camp. She doesn’t seem happy to talk to Melinoë, but maybe she (and therefore you) can win this muscle mom over in time.


A depiction of Odysseus in Hades 2. He has a friendly smile and a bag filled with scrolls on his belt.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

I think my high school English teacher failed to convey how handsome Odysseus could be. Fun, strong and approachable, he is a great friend to have at base camp.


An image of Poseidon in Hades 2. He leans casually to the side and has aquamarine hair.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

I think Poseidon looked great Hades, but his art Hades 2 has a little more personality. He exudes the kind of effortless confidence I associate with a shampoo commercial.


A depiction of Schelemeus in Hades 2. He looks like a living skeleton with a gray beard.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Fans are already theorizing that Schelemeus and Skelly are dating Hades have some sort of secret connection due to their designs and roles in each game. It’s too early to tell, but I appreciate the quirky drill sergeant vibe this guy brings Hades 2.


An image of Selene in Hades 2. She rides a horse and wears long, flowing clothes while illuminated by the moon.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Hello Selene, the new moon mom of Hades 2. She looks great, but she also offers Melinoë an assortment of boxes to help her fight. This is a standout design from the tech test, and her elegance honestly reminds me a bit of Alucard from the Castlevania anime.


A depiction of Zeus in Hades 2. He wears a golden coffin and has long white hair flowing from his head.  He stands confidently with his hands on his hips.

Image: Supergiant games via Polygon

Can I say daddy is home? Zeus, king of the Olympians and father of Mount Olympus, returns to offer his help in battle. He looks quite similar to his first design, except this time he has a sick new gold chest plate with abs.