Eve Energy’s new smart outdoor plug may give you new ways to control your home

Smart home brand Eve Energy is apparently working on a new outdoor smart plug that could potentially let you control other devices on the network.

This information comes via a message on the official website Connectivity standards Alalliance (CSA). It consists of a picture of the plug and a brief description of what it can do. The device itself is compact and square in shape and resembles a black cover to protect the sockets. According to the accompanying text, Eve’s plug allows homeowners to control their home’s smart lights and appliances via voice commands or via via the official app. It even tells you how much energy your other devices are using.

The new Outdoor Smart Plug from Ever Energy

(Image credit: CSA/Eve Energy)

CSA’s product page also states that the outdoor plug will be compatible with both the Thread and Matter standards. The former ensures that home network connections work reliably at all times, while the latter protects them from outside forces. Matter also makes it easy to integrate your gadgets with smart home ecosystems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

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