Edmonton Oilers flasher gives topless Stanley Cup prediction while in the SHOWER ahead of Game 7 vs Panthers

The viral Edmonton Oilers flasher gave her Game 7 prediction Monday while having a drink in the shower.

Kait, who memorably flashed her breasts during the playoffs, became popular and scored a Playboy deal after reportedly turning down offers from several porn sites.

On the night of their do-or-die game against the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final, Kait shared a video of herself in the shower predicting the outcome of Monday night’s game.

“So I was talking to my good friend Biz at Spittin’ Chiclets,” she said in the clip posted to Spittin’ Chiclets’ X page. “And he said, ‘What do you think’s going to happen tonight, Kait?’ I said, ‘You don’t even have to ask, Biz.'”

“Without a doubt, McJesus (Connor McDavid) will lead the Oilers to a win, and the Cup will come back to Edmonton.”