Dropout’s latest game show asks who wants to be a… thousandaire?

The streaming service Dropout is expanding its library this month Thousandairesa “comedy series for the wish fulfillment panel,” according to the company’s press release.

Some of the most compelling and heartwarming episodes of Dropout’s flagship game show Game changer there have been episodes of donating cash, and Thousandaires seems to be inspired by that breakthrough hit. In each episode, a different selection of Dropout artists and friends are given one thousand US dollars to spend on “whatever they want that will best entertain the viewers, each other, and the host of that episode.” The season’s hosts include Jacquis Neal, Jessica Ross, Oscar Montoya, Ryan Creamer, Erika Ishii and Siobhan Thompson.

Judging from an early trailer for the series, which includes a “roller disco party,” “goth makeovers,” a mechanical bull, fantasy-themed strippers and… a time machine? At the end of the episode, the respective host will choose one contestant to receive an actual cash prize of $1,000.

Thousandaires premieres on Dropout on May 31, with new episodes of the six-episode season every other week.