Donald Trump uses the word ‘motherf****r’ while slamming Dems for indicting him at California GOP convention

Donald Trump was met with raucous laughter when he taunted likely 2024 presidential rival Joe Biden by saying the White House response to his political danger is to “indict the son of a bitch!”

The foul-mouthed former president, 77, was in a comedic mood on Friday night as he addressed the GOP’s fall convention in California, where he also mimicked the 80-year-old Biden and became confused as he tried to find his way offstage.

Trump detailed the mounting legal troubles during his bombastic speech, saying his four indictments and 91 criminal charges amount to nothing more than political assassinations.

“What they’ve done is they’ve gone after opponents so that if you become president, or any other job, but if you become president and you don’t like someone, or someone beats you by 10, 15 or 20 points, like we’re dealing with corrupt Joe Biden – let’s indict that son of a bitch!’ he said.

The moment was met with much laughter from his Republican-friendly audience. But others have said Trump’s use of a word widely considered the second most vulgar in the English language is inappropriate and beneath a man seeking re-election as president.

Donald Trump was met with raucous laughter as he railed against President Biden and other top Democrats in California on Friday, mocking Biden’s apparent confusion at a UN podium last week as he said the White House response to adversity is to ‘to sue the bastard’. !’

Trump’s aggressive campaigning comes a week after a staggering event WashingtonPost Polls showed him with a commanding ten-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical matchup.

The dynamic has raised fears in Democratic circles that the 80-year-old Biden would struggle to repeat his 2020 election victory if he were to clash against Trump again, with his old age a common talking point among those involved.

The former president in his speech Friday poked at rumors that top Democrats could be making plans to replace Biden before the 2024 election, pointing to California Governor Gavin Newsom as a potential surrogate.

Trump said he doesn’t think Biden will even “make it” to the general election, suggesting Newsom has seemingly positioned himself to take the reins if the president drops out.

“Gavin has become Crooked Joe Biden’s best surrogate because he thinks Biden won’t make it — that’s why he’s doing it,” Trump insisted.

Although Biden appears to have a clear shot at the Democratic nomination and is running virtually unopposed after the candidacy of Robert F Kennedy Jr. failed in recent months, Trump speculated that other Democrats could soon challenge him given concerns about his ability to win again.

“He doesn’t think he’s going to make it, and he won’t make it that easily,” Trump said. “He’s going to have a big fight. But because there will be a lot of Democrats competing, it will be very interesting.”

Trump suggested that California Governor Gavin Newsom (pictured) could be preparing to enter the 2024 presidential race over concerns about Biden's ability to win re-election, adding: 'Gavin is Crooked's best surrogate Joe Biden because he doesn't think Biden is.  will it work?

Trump suggested that California Governor Gavin Newsom (pictured) could be preparing to enter the 2024 presidential race over concerns about Biden’s ability to win re-election, adding: ‘Gavin is the best became a surrogate for Crooked Joe Biden because he doesn’t think Biden is. will it work?

The California crowd cheered when Trump told them their state could become “great again,” with many seeing the Golden State as in decline under Newsom’s leadership amid rampant homelessness and open-air drug use.

Downtown San Francisco has emerged as the epicenter of the crisis, with ‘Doom Loop’ tours reportedly available for tourists to get a glimpse of the rows of tents and seedy drug markets taking over the area.

But Trump promised that “help is on the way” to save the state from far-left policies if he is elected for a second term in 2024.

He also lambasted a series of Democratic lawmakers and leaders in California, claiming that “rich people” in Beverly Hills “stink” because of strict water laws that prevent them from getting adequate showers.

In his address to the approximately 1,500 attendees eating the remains of their lunch, Trump said: “While California was once a symbol of American success, today among the radical left fascists and Marxists who run your state – are those who run your state, evil people – becoming a symbol of the downfall of our nation.”

Trump headed to the West Coast days after California hosted the second Republican presidential debate, with the former president choosing to speak to striking auto workers in Detroit rather than attend.

The ex-president got big laughs as he recreated a moment when a confused Biden seemed unable to find his way off stage

The ex-president got big laughs as he recreated a moment when a confused Biden seemed unable to find his way off stage

While downplaying Biden’s chances of winning a second term, Trump openly mocked his string of blunders since taking office – most recently the embarrassing moment Biden wandered around the stage after remarks at the UN General Assembly last week in New York City.

“Let’s see, look, some people are saying Biden is going to make it. Does anyone think he’ll make it to the starting gate?’ Trump asked in a poll of the crowd of Republicans, to which they responded with a resounding “no!” responded.

“I mean the man can’t find his way off a stage,” he added, before mocking Biden’s apparent confusion in finding his way off the stage at the UN event.

“Look, here’s a stage,” Trump began. “I’ve never seen this stupid stage – I’ve never seen it before. But if I walk to the left, there are stairs. And if I walk to the right, there are stairs.’

‘And this man stands up: ‘Where am I?’ Where the hell am I?’ Trump said as he walked aimlessly across the stage.

‘No, he’s terrible. You know, I’m a lot harder on him than I used to be. Out of respect for the office, I never felt like: he is the most corrupt president, the most incompetent president we have ever had.’