Donald Trump trial LIVE: Protests could erupt ‘across the country’ if ex-president is jailed for violating the gag order

If Donald Trump ends up in jail for violating the gag order in the Manhattan hush money trial, it could spark protests across the country, a CNN analyst has warned.

Mark Preston told host Jim Acosta that there would be “civil unrest” if Judge Juan Merchan decided to put the president behind bars.

The judge scheduled a hearing next week to consider whether Trump violated the gag order with seven social media posts about Michael Cohen and “undercover liberal activists” on the jury.

Trump could be held in contempt and even face a short prison sentence.

Acosta asked the panel, including Preston, what impact a prison sentence for Trump would have.

β€œIt really puts us between this rock and a hard place,” Preston said.

‘And the rock says: listen, he has done something wrong.

β€œAnd if any of us were sitting at this table, would we be held to a higher standard or held to a higher standard? Should we go to that cell?

β€œI think if he goes into this hole, if that were to happen, first of all, you’re probably going to see civil unrest across the country, certainly in some cities. That’s one.

He added that the Biden campaign does not want to see Trump in jail because it will “inflame” more people.