Did Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce ‘on the map’? Popstar’s latest lyrics from ‘The Alchemy’ suggest so

Is Taylor Swift Involved in the Joke About Setting Up Boyfriend Travis Kelce?

The pop star gives a clear nod to the TikTok joke in her latest song ‘The Alchemy’.

“This happens once every few lifetimes / These chemicals hit me like white wine,” Swift says in the song. ‘What if I told you I’m back? / The hospital was annoying / Worst sleep I ever had.”

She continues, “I circled you on a map / I haven’t come around in so long / But I’m coming back so strong.”

In November, a couple on TikTok went viral after one of them dressed as Taylor, while the other was a map of the United States with Travis’ face on it, supporting the singer’s claim that she is the driving force behind his fame .

Swifties Have Spotted References to Travis Kelce in Taylor’s Hit ‘The Alchemist’

'The Alchemist' is on Taylor's album 'The Tortured Poets Department', which was released in April

‘The Alchemist’ is on Taylor’s album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, which was released in April

The Grammy Award-winning artist and her NFL boyfriend are supporting each other's careers

The Grammy Award-winning artist and her NFL boyfriend are supporting each other’s careers

Already a two-time Super Bowl winner before they started dating ahead of the 2023 NFL season, Kelce enjoyed a 400 percent increase in sales of his replica Kansas City Chiefs jersey over the past year.

Now, fans have noticed that Swift has dropped several references to her boyfriend in her aforementioned hit, which dropped on April 19 on The Tortured Poets Department.

In response to the text on while a fan account of the artist tweeted, “Why does the alchemy really sound like Travy made it to the big game.” Another fan wrote, “the alchemy has been on my mind all day.”

Travis, who earlier this week hinted at another Swift song about him in her new album, once addressed the running joke that he’s only famous as the pop star’s boyfriend on an episode of his “New Heights” podcast of November.

‘And then’ on the map. “I’m obviously putting my face on the map,” Travis told his older brother Jason during the episode. “Shout-out to Taylor.”

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Earlier this week, Travis suggested that another Taylor song is about their romance

As their romance goes from strength to strength, Travis and Taylor have made sure to support each other’s careers. He has been spotted at several of Swift’s international destinations that were part of her Eras Tour, while she went to 13 of his NFL games.

Travis’ Chiefs games also seemed to inspire Swift in “The Alchemy.”

“So when I land / Call the amateurs and cut them from the team,” she sings in the song’s chorus. “Shut down the clowns, take the crown / Honey, I’m the one to beat / ‘Cause the mark on your heart / Said it’s still reserved for me.”

She adds, “These guys are warming the couches / We’ve been on a winning streak / He jokes, ‘It’s heroin, but this time with an E.’

Swift was in Las Vegas when Travis and his Chiefs teammates won their second straight Super Bowl in February, flying all the way from Tokyo, where she had been performing at the time.

After the team’s victory, Swift and Travis celebrated on the court, passionately kissing in front of the cameras — another moment apparently mentioned in “The Alchemy.”

“Times out and your friends are going over their heads / Beer sticks to the ground,” she sings. ‘There were cheers because they said / ‘There was no chance to be the best in the league’ / Where’s the trophy? He just comes running to me.”

Taylor was at 13 of the Chiefs' NFL games last season, including the Super Bowl victory in Vegas

Taylor was at 13 of the Chiefs’ NFL games last season, including the Super Bowl victory in Vegas

Over the weekend, Travis saw his popularity reach new heights as he shared behind-the-scenes footage from his shot in ZenWTR’s upcoming commercial.

ESPN’s Pat McAfee also gave his take on the Chiefs star’s highly publicized romance with Swift, claiming that “two greats in love, that’s great for society.”

Swift even sent several NFL WAGS gifts to celebrate the launch of The Tortured Poets Department, including notes, a vinyl record, and even sweatpants.

Fans of the Grammy Award-winning artist also suggest that Swift took aim at Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso with her new album, as the singer was strongly linked to the Spaniard last year.