Millions of Australians to get an extra hour of sleep tonight as daylight savings winds up across four states

Australians in four states will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning thanks to the end of daylight saving time.

Clocks will return to Australian Eastern Standard Time at 3am on Sunday, meaning time will jump back to 2am for people living in NSW, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

This means all of Australia’s eastern states will reunite with Queensland and operate in the same time zone, with the sunny state withdrawing from daylight saving time.

Residents of South Australia and Northern Territory will also both travel on Central Standard Time.

Residents of Queensland and Western Australia do not have to turn back their clocks as these states do not observe daylight saving time.

Australians in NSW, Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania get an extra hour of sleep before morning (Bondi photo at sunrise)

Australians will find it a little easier without daylight saving time, as the country is eliminating two of the five separate time zones that were in place during the summer.

The Northern Territory, South Australia and the NSW outback town of Broken Hill will all be half an hour behind Australian Central Standard Time (ACST).

Western Australia is more than two hours behind the AEST states and territories on Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

Daylight saving time will return at 2am on October 6, when Australians in most parts of the east coast will turn their clocks back an hour for an extra 60 minutes of sunlight in the evenings.