Dave the Diver’s Godzilla DLC will only be available for a limited time

Dave the diverthe weird and wonderful 2023 fishing and restaurant management game, has new Godzilla downloadable content available today: Godzilla invades the Blue Hole. Yes, the kaiju Godzilla, all teeth and fire. It’s a free DLC pack for people who already own it Dave the diver on Nintendo switch, PlayStation 5or Windows PC via Steam. The only catch is that you can only download it until November 23 – a six-month period.

Why? That’s not entirely clear, but my best guess is that it’s due to the licensing of the big monster. (We’ve asked developer Mintrocket for clarification.) But as long as you download it before then, you’ll be fine.

The Godzilla DLC brings both Godzilla and an original Kaiju – a large lobster – to Dave the diver. In any case, you fight the lobster kaiju, Ebirah, in a submarine-based battle. And yes, Godzilla and Ebirah will fight. It seems to be a short but engaging addition, similar to the Dredging crossover content released last December. (Dredginglike it Dave the diver, is a fishing game from 2023, but with a grotesque, creepy twist. The Dredging DLC in Dave the diver added a lot Dredging‘s weird fish.) Besides the lobster fight, you can also find monster figures hidden throughout the Blue Hole.

If you haven’t tried it yet Dave the diver, you should. It’s so much more than just a fishing game and a restaurant management simulation: the deeper you go, the bigger the secrets. Last year it took 12th place on our games of the year list.