Dapper Laughs knocks down Simple Simon just 9 SECONDS into his Misfits boxing debut on his way to a comfortable win at York Hall

  • Dapper Laughs emerged victorious in his Misfits boxing debut on Friday night
  • The comedian – real name Daniel O’Reilly – defeated TikTok star Simple Simon
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Controversial figure Dapper Laughs claimed victory in his Misfits boxing debut on Friday night with a first-round victory over TikToker Simple Simon.

The pair entered the ring at York Hall for the Misfits 11 show, with Dapper Laughs – real name Daniel O’Reilly – making his boxing debut on the preliminary card.

His first fight couldn’t have been easier as the 39-year-old sent his opponent to the canvas just nine seconds after the bell rang.

O’Reilly caught his opponent – Simon Colbran (Simple Simon) – with three quick right hand shots in the opening seconds that sent the 53-year-old down.

Things got much worse for the TikTok star, who ultimately lasted just over a minute in the ring before the referee waved off the fight.

Dapper Laughs (right) knocked his opponent Simple Simon (left) to the canvas after just nine seconds

Simple Simon – real name Simon Colbran (photo) – was badly beaten that evening

Simple Simon – real name Simon Colbran (photo) – was badly beaten that evening

Dapper Laughs made light work of his competitor, winning his debut fight in just 65 seconds after landing another crushing right hand that proved too much for Colbran.

The pair embraced at the end of the fight as Dapper Laughs kept his hand in the ring as he marked a successful first appearance on the newly formed Misfits boxing circuit.

The age difference between the pair helped Dapper Laughs in his quest for victory and it was clear that the younger fighter had the better stamina during the short-lived fight.

Speaking afterwards, Dapper Laughs humbly paid tribute to his underdog opponent for entering the York Hall ring.


“It didn’t feel great to take him down. I have to be honest, but I have a lot of love for him and that’s why I didn’t celebrate.

‘Afterwards I gave him a big hug and I think he can be very proud of himself. The comments should be about how much bottle he has and how he wants to get in the ring.

“At the end of the day, he’s trying to make money for his family and he wanted to fight me, maybe even because he knew my abilities were greater and he wanted to test himself.”