Dan Orlovsky accused of FARTING on Pat McAfee show during Tuesday’s appearance – but the NFL analyst insists it was his windshield wipers

  • This is the second time Orlovsky has possibly farted on air while talking about football
  • McAfee stopped the segment Orlovsky was doing to make fun of him for flatulence
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NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky was accused of farting live on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Pat McAfee Show” by McAfee and his group of co-hosts.

Orlovsky denies that he farted on ESPN’s airwaves, claiming it was his car’s windshield wipers where he conducted the interview.

The former NFL quarterback is making a point while comparing Iowa women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky when the flatulence-like sound comes from Orlovsky’s microphone.

McAfee immediately questions the sound and assumes it was a butt, interrupting the interview to make fun of Orlovsky.

This isn’t Orlovsky’s first possible televised fart, as he may also have passed gas during a Bills-Titans Monday Night Football game.

McAfee looks confused at the sound of a possible fart coming from Orlovsky’s microphone

“Another farting Dan Orlovsky situation just happened… your ass was talking. Your ass farted into the phone again like you were on Monday Night Football,” McAfee said.

‘Danny Dumps!’ said one of McAfee’s co-hosts.

‘What do you mean?’ Orlovsky intervened.

You see Orlovsky defending himself for not farting, explaining that it was his windshield wipers. Behind Orlovsky is a car window with no visible rain dripping on it.

‘I didn’t fart. Are you serious about this, or are you kidding me?’ Orlovsky asked.

Now that a second possible fart has been recorded for Orlovsky, the stigma could follow him to other appearances on ESPN.

Orlovsky’s “windshield wipers” were not heard before or after their one “swipe” during his appearance at McAfee.

Orlovsky also didn’t fidget or noticeably grimace when the possible fart occurred.