Queensland dad is praised over ingenious gardening hack: ‘Definition of work smarter, not harder’

A dad has blown Australians away with his ingenious garden hack to trim the hedges at his home.

The man’s daughter shared the clever hack to TikTok after noticing her father using it on his Queensland estate.

“I’m visiting my parents and my dad wanted me to watch him trim his hedge,” she said in the video.

“Apparently it’s about this truck and its crane.”

Her father could be seen attaching the handle of his lawn mower to a tap before aligning his invention with the top of the hedge as the mower started.

A Queensland dad has turned heads with a video of him pruning his hedges with an invention involving his truck and a crane

He then got into his truck and drove it along the hedge and around his driveway, clipping leaves from the top.

“Oh my god,” his daughter can be heard saying as she laughed at the ridiculous invention.

As the six-minute video continued, the man was seen positioning himself to make a second crack in the hedge, ducking under the mower to get back into his truck.

“Ah, this is dangerous,” his daughter said.

Many social media users were quick to call the idea genius, calling it the epitome of working smarter, not harder.

‘LOL. Only in Australia,” said one.

‘That’s initiative, I think it’s great. Good luck buddy,” wrote another.

“He’s an ideas man,” a third person commented.

“Your father is a legend and must be protected at all costs,” said another.

“This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, your dad is a legend,” a fifth person commented.

“I need to send this to my dad, this is something he would do,” said another.

“This is 100% an Australian wanting a quick time,” someone else wrote.

Other social media users wondered if the father’s idea was “crazy.”

“So dangerous,” one person wrote.

Explaining why he takes such an unconventional method of trimming his hedges, the man’s daughter said: ‘Unfortunately I live four hours away from my parents so dad is finding ways to do things to save his back.’

But he is certainly not the first person to attract attention online for the unconventional way he uses his lawn mower.

This comes less than a month after Sydney-based social media figure Nathan Stafford shared a video last month showing him using his lawnmower to mulch the waste in his nearly full green bin.

He sold it as an excellent hack for people who are moving, or just want to prevent their tank from overflowing into the nature strip