Cycling star is warned not to swear after saying ‘p**s’ twice on live TV – and you WON’T believe what he does next

  • Nathan Van Hooydonck was left with a red face on TV
  • The retired cyclist swore during his service as an expert
  • He let his fellow experts down with his comments

Cycling star Nathan Van Hooydonck was left red-faced after a hilarious moment on live TV during a report of the Giro D’Italia.

Van Hooydonck, 27, retired from the sport last year due to heart problems and was invited to the Eurosport panel to discuss the day’s events, but it was clear the Dutchman needed to brush up on his on-air skills.

Looking back on a race in Tirrendo-Adriatico a few years ago, Van Hooydonck’s anecdote contained a number of swear words.

β€œIt was a very tough pace in the peloton,” he began. ‘[Tadej] Pogocar’s team was pacing and I was having trouble with the wheels and he stopped for ap**s and I looked at him and I thought ‘wow, he’s stopping for ap**s now!’

Presenter Orla Chennaoui quickly jumped in and reminded Van Hooydonck: ‘We say pee, we say pee.’

He then dropped the f-bomb and said 'oh s***!'

Nathan Van Hooydonck got a red face after swearing four times on live television

The 27-year-old retired from cycling last year due to heart problems

The 27-year-old retired from cycling last year due to heart problems

‘Oh sorry!’ the 27-year-old said. “He stopped to pee.”

β€œA clink,” Chennaoui replied. ‘That’s all!’

After the light-hearted warning, Van Hooydonck continued his story and abandoned the panel when he immediately forgot the ‘no swearing’ rule.

β€œAnd he was back in no time,” he said of Pogocar. ‘The peloton was stretched out and he just rode back very easily.

‘Then I heard him say to his teammates: ‘phwoar, they’re having a hard time at the back, aren’t they?’

‘I looked at him and thought, ‘f***, you don’t know how strong you are!’

Laughing, Chennaoui said, “Apologies again, we are not allowed to use the f-word on television.”

A stunned Van Hooydonck then exclaimed: ‘Oh s***!’ leaving the rest of the panel, including Australian cycling hero Robbie McEwen, in hot water.

β€œWe use it liberally in the green room, but on TV we try not to do that!” Chennaoui finished as the program progressed.

He commented on the Giro D'Italia for Eurosport

He commented on the Giro D’Italia for Eurosport

Van Hooydonck received an internal defibrillator to help deal with a heart muscle abnormality after he was involved in a car accident last year when he became ill behind the wheel.

“I realize that I have been extremely lucky,” said Van Hooydonck.

‘Maybe things would have turned out differently if I had not received good help so quickly. I’m doing well now, but I’m still dealing with the fact that this means the end of my professional career.

‘I would like to express my gratitude to the people who helped me, the hospital medical team and all the fans who sent me messages.’