Cubs mar home opener introductions with sad pyrotechnics display

  • The Cubs hosted the Colorado Rockies at home as part of a best of three series
  • People were quick to respond to the viral clip on X after the Cubs went 5-0 to win 2-2
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The Chicago Cubs marred their own players’ home opener introductions with one of the saddest pyrotechnic displays of all time before Monday night’s game at Wrigley Field against the Rockies.

Viral footage on of their teammates drawn up together with coaches.

You can even hear a fan in the background saying, “Why are we even trying” after being surprised by the outbursts.

People on

“These are literally so easy to operate, you just press the button and off they go, there’s only one way to plug them in,” said ‘Richard’.

As soon as he stepped foot on the field, fireworks erupted

Cubs players got a boring introduction at Wrigley Field before playing the Rockies on Monday

โ€œLooks like Kenny Power’s minor league entry,โ€ said another user.

โ€œNew intern bought the Aldi brand,โ€ someone else joked, while another asked: โ€œwhy bother?โ€

A Cubs fan who has attended all four of the team’s games so far this season thought the silly fireworks were “completely appropriate” for the players.


The Cubs have two more games against the Rookies in a best-of-three series, one on Tuesday night and one on Wednesday.

Chicago will then host the Los Angeles Dodgers at home.