Crunchyroll is finally getting profiles so your family can stop ruining your One Piece rewatch

Crunchyroll has long been a messy sharing streaming service. Since there was no way to create multiple profiles, having multiple users on the same account meant that the Watch Now tab was constantly shuffling and resetting the order of the episodes, and this confused the others who had the account also generally used in confusion. But that should all change when the platform adds viewing profiles later this month.

The anime streaming service announced the new update to its platform on Wednesday, confirming that Crunchyroll Premium subscribers can now create multiple profiles. This feature allows users to create up to five profiles to share with members of their household, and gives certain accounts parental controls. This also opens up more personalized recommendations for each user, as accounts will no longer be such a jumble of shows.

“Finally. We’ve listened to viewer requests and our team has been hard at work rolling out the multi-profile functionality on Crunchyroll,” said Crunchyroll’s Chief Product Officer, Kaliel Roberts, in a press release. With multiple profiles live every month, fans can truly curate a Crunchyroll experience specifically tailored to their tastes.”

Users can choose profile photos from over 30 different anime series, with Crunchyroll adding more as new shows are released. Multiple profiles from one account can also stream simultaneously.

In addition to this new streaming feature, Crunchyroll also unveiled a number of new additions to its catalog on Wednesday:

  • A salad bowl of eccentrics
  • HIGH SPEED Ètoile
  • Dragon Raja -The Burning Dawn-
  • Tonari no Yokai-san
  • The New Gate
  • Yatagarasu: The raven does not choose its master